Thursday, January 14, 2010

the interviews

everyone is gifted. some just open the package sooner.

with Dr. KW during our last visit to Kluang Hosp. =)

fuhh.. this week was full of interviews! first, MQA (Malaysian Qualifications Agency, formerly known as LAN) came to audit our uni on tuesday. it is a rare event, once in 3-5 years thing ok. the agency purposedly want to see sem10 as this is the most mature semester. so i guess, our batch is lucky to be the selected batch kot, ahaqs! n me, being the lucky one, was 1 of the 8 selected lucky people from our lucky batch (notice how many lucky word i used?) to bring those people to tour Hospital BP. thank God it went well. they even said that we looked very professional, looked like an HO instead of a med student. we take that as a compliment! n prayers too! hehe.. after the tour, we went to main campus for the Q&A session with the whole batch. Alhamdulillah, i think everything went well. pray that we'll get the accreditation, will ya? :)

n today, i had SPA interview! wow, time flies so fast.. we r finishing our 5-year course within less than 2 months. OMG! is it for real? i hope so. please pray that we'll make through the final really final exam in end of feb. super kancheongness ok!

F,S&V: 1 Malaysia. Multiracial. hehe.. all in baju kurung for SPA interview :P

nways, the interview was very laidback. sempoi gile! no medical question was asked. just a normal conversation. my interviewer was a big shot in the MOH previously (not really sure what was the status, deputy of DG kah?). hmm.. 1 of the topics was 'what r needed for a doctor to be a great doctor?' my answers were not enough. so he told me what his opinion la.. there are 3 things:

1- application of knowledge : now, n future knowledge u have to apply. it is the beauty of Sherlock Holme's story :)
2- documentation: u must write down everything. dun keep it in ur mind. it may save u in the future
3- consultation: never b shy to consult other people's opinion. whatever it is, patient's first

me, nodded.. hehe.. i gained something during this interview despite the long waiting hour.. not bad la kan..

so, now there are many things to do.. a lot of PF to edit. blue sheets to be completed. study study study. huhu~ i think the pressure is increasing.. 5 more weeks to go b4 finals. final yg memang final. can u feel my pressure? huhu~ Ya Allah... gimme strength and patience..

~ terasa homesick lak..

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At 5:26 PM, Blogger doyot said...

wow..time flies...cepat giler dah nak habis...woot woot..Dr farahiyah apply kerja di manakah anda??

At 5:41 PM, Blogger HidayatiHH said...

heh tu lah die..
mantap2 kawan2 ku nihhh..
ha a. tiru ayat doyot. apply kerja kat ne?:D

At 7:41 PM, Blogger LiTtLe SoLdieR oF aLmiGhTy said...

nice job sys...
hehe.. Dr Farahiyah MD
bile nk jmp ni??
em nk tiru ayat both akak2 : apply keje mana??? :)

At 9:45 PM, Blogger frhyh said...

haha.. interviewer x tnya, hangpa lak pakat dok tanya no..
nway, atas sebab2 peribadi.. aku mintak area selangor, kl, n9. haha.. i know, y n9? hm.. biarlah rahsia... ececece..


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