Wednesday, December 26, 2012

rainbow party

dear fightersz,

u gurls are the rainbow and butterflies in my heart 
full of colours, u gurls are always my dear 
despite the years we were apart
we are actually near to each other

*eh eh.. macam pantun sudah. hihi..* 

cant wait to see u soon! 
this Sunday 30122012 eh.. 
in shaa Allah..

pic taken a few weeks ago... will just remain as a memory :(

my bundle of joy, u gurls are =) 
*pic taken MAHA 2012*

~ Mr. SAS is not going to the gath aka rainbow party.. segan katanya ;-P 


Thursday, November 01, 2012


whahaa.. lama gell x update.. tetibe rindu nak menulis..
saya rindu kawan2 saya.. esp kawan2 tkc, kawan2 imu.. 
apa khabar korang? sorry.. cant update  much dgn korang..
u know i luv u =)
whatsapp je penghubung masa kini..
nak kata busy dgn kerja.. agakla.. kerja shift..
busy dgn family? heh.. sentiasa la..

hm.. rindu jugak dgn alam D&T...
bila hati x keruan..
iman turun dan naik..
Ya Allah.. tabahkanlah hatiku.. 

"Ya Allah, Tuhan yang membolak-balikkan hati, teguhkanlah hati-hati kami kepada agama-Mu". (riwayat Ahmad)

~ hmm.. harap2 lepas ni banyak lagi post akan ditulis. insyaAllah.. =)
senyum sokmo! 

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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Fun Run Hari Anestesia Sedunia peringkat kebangsaan 2011

The purpose of life is not to be happy - but to matter, to be productive, to be useful, to have it make some difference that you have lived at all. -Leo Rosten

salam.. yes yes, m done with surgery and m 3 weeks old in anaesthesiology. m liking it! =)

o yah, actually just dropping here to invite all of u to our Anaesthesia Day peringkat kebangsaan on this 9th October (Sunday) at padang taman tasik titiwangsa, near restoran nelayan and Kolej Tun Nasir PPUKM from 7am till 12noon.

what's there?

FUN RUN!! heh.. 5km run with loads of prizes. unfortunately the closing date to join it was last week. we didn't expect ~600 ppl will join!! (yup, such a BIG number!) just imagine the crowd. fuhhh...

n owh.. we are also having a blood donation drive on the same day there. please kindly donate blood (n save life too!) if u r fit to do it. no harm. jangan takut, i've done it for more than 10 times already, Alhamdulillah.. n i am proud of it.

remember this, u don't need to be a doctor to save life!! =) =) =)

~ aim to donate blood at least twice a year


Sunday, June 12, 2011

after almost a year

biarlah kerja lelah asalkan masih boleh ketawa,
daripada kerja mewah tapi berendam air mata

magic moment in my life 02102010

completed 1 year of housemanship

in the year 2, and counting...

done with paeds, ortho, and medical

now in general surgery

so many things i have learnt

about medicine, about life

the ups and downs

the praises and shouts (ok, ni exaggerate sket)

indeed world is a world-class class

n life is full of answers waiting to be discovered

(credits to Hlovate in contengan jalanan)


emo lak after almost a year of entry-less

saje je buat comeback

terasa dah berhabuk dah blog ni (mmg pun)


actually nk kongsi 1 blog ni

hubby tercinta yg suka baca

now m addicted jugak

insyaAllah, ada bawak manfaat

(xla macam blog ni, ahaqs!)

let me know if u like it too


ok la

semoga berjumpa lagi di lain entry


nota kaki: selamat hari bapa kepada En. Azib & Dato' Abd Shukor! =)

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010



wow.. dah lama gile x update blog.. busy gile dgn housemanship di 'heart of KL' ni.. hm.. i've done with paediatrics, just started orthopaedics. kinda having cultural shock in this new posting. dun wanna elaborate more.

nway, an announcement to make. *blush*

m getting married on 2nd Oct 2010, insyaAllah, with my sweetheart Mr. SAS. m inviting all my friends. anyone wanna come n need an invitation card, just let me know via phone, emel or FB.

doakan agar semuanya berjalan dgn lancar nnt. insyaAllah.. amin..

okeh, see u guys in TG or Bangi then! daa~

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Saturday, May 15, 2010


relationship status
8 May 2010
(enganged to Mr. SAS)


17 May 2010
(in the "heart of KL". u can guess where)

Ya Allah.. semoga dipermudahkan segala urusanku, insyaAllah..
*just a quick note as time is very limited. it's a race against time ^_^

~ pray hard that everything wl b smooth. amin.. so blog wl b on hiatus for quite some times :P

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Monday, April 26, 2010

April retreats in Penang Island

it's the little moments that make life big

i've been here last week..
at G Hotel

along Gurney Drive
superb hotel!
tp sayang, toilet xde paip..
sgt la menyusahkan
sebbaik Usu yg baik hati yg bawa
so it's FOC for me

view from Gurney Drive. pic taken from the net

Duplex room. view sgt cantik sbb boleh tgk sunrise. tp macam x convenient sgt nk panjat tangga tu. and toilet x best, can see through. ops! haha

n m going here
Naza Talyya Hotel

along Tanjung Tokong
for 3D2N (26-28April)
a retreat organized by IMU alumni
let's see how it goes
coz i paid the bills!

again, pic taken from the net

oh i just love holiday! gotta start packing now! daa~

p/s: pics wl b uploaded in facebook after m back =)

~ April yg memenatkan. May pula sgt dinanti2kan.. adekah hidupku akan berubah? =)