Monday, July 28, 2008

counting days

yeah.. we r counting days for our very first professional exam which is on coming 12, 14 & 19 of August.. it's in less than 2 weeks!! God, help us.. huhu~ sgt penat n sgt stress.. n i dun like myself when i am stressed.

here the not-so-good thing happened last week

- i wanted to donate blood but i failed. hehe.. my blood 'float' in the blue fluid thingy (i dunno what it's called).. means my blood does not have enuf iron/haemoglobin la.. instead, i was given ferrous fumarate 200mg & folic acid 5mg.. itu ubat org mengandung ok, hehe...

but there were many the good things happened too

- ortho clinical exam.. yeah, i considered it was good as the exam went quite well though at first my patient din want to talk to me. luckily Mr.B gave another cooperative patient.

- shikin yg ayu datang Seremban!! shikin actually is currently studying in calgary, canada. coming back for her hols.. yeah, we had a great time mkn2 at kyros kebab n shopping at Nilai3.. hehe.. gurls n shopping :)

- today is iffah's besday!! we celebrated at doll tomyam. but we din have full quorum as azi n fadzil weren't there.. actually, this was the 1st time we celebrate iffah's besday since we entered university. usually her besday wl fall in uni hols but this time it's around exam time.. yeah, good thing also

- we learnt a lot at CSU today. hm.. we 'berkampung' at CSU since morning till evening to learn as much as we can since CSU wl b closed for exam starting on this wednesday. haih.. cepat2!! unfortunately, i had a bad headache by the time 4pm.. tension headache i guess.. :(

the good thing coming

frh, biqs, cinot, milo, dura.. heh, sori gmbr lama, no latest gmbr la

- fightersz gath (1/8) + cinot's wedding (2/8) ; but unlucky forsythia thinks she can't make it la.. study!! :( pape, selamat pengantin baru cinot!! oh ye, milo, thnx for ur good effort to seduce me.. i dun think it works, for now at least, ahaqs!!


Sunday, July 20, 2008

massive spleen

today i went to the ward to practice my clinical skills yg berkarat. so, jus wanna share what i learnt today. let's practice SAQ. medical students, sape nk tolong jawab, u r very welcome!! :)

78 y/o man came with complains of body weakness and loss of appetite for the past 6 months. On examination of the abdomen, there was massive splenomegaly and hepatomegaly.

a) what further history u would like to elicit to come to the diagnosis?

b) what other clinical examination(s) u want to perform? why?

c) what are the common causes of MASSIVE splenomegaly? differential diagnosis la..

d) what r the investigations u would like to carry out?

hm.. soalan2 ni direka je, so i dun have the skema jawapan ye :)
the splenomegaly is really mega (at least from my humble experience). it was extending towards Rt iliac fossa passes the umbilicus. before this is I only palpated mild splenomegaly, usually in Thalassaemic patients. so this morning i was like, 'gile besar spleen ni'... hmm...

~exam fever mode~


Friday, July 18, 2008

welcome back dear

Hi darling. there's a change of plan. I am not coming back this week in fact coming back 31aug for good. so raya wl b around. yahoo! -Usu

I'm coming back on 18July-30Aug - Duis

hm.. I'm just missing everyone... cepat la exam abes... need a break... saya penat...


Thursday, July 17, 2008

in the quest for the best tomyam

nyum3... food n me.. me n food..

Monday - dinner at Chalie tomyam, Ampangan
comment: not bad la.. x pekat sgt.. pedas boleh tahan.

Tuesday - dinner from night market. bought yong tau fu

Wednesday - dinner at Turbo tomyam, Senawang
comment: we ordered food for 8 ppl while we only have 7 ppl. the food were good just salty here and there la.. tomyam turbo- boleh tahan jugak, masam cukup rasa. but i wl like it if more pedas

all the food that we had

CM my housemate ajak makan durian when i reached home. sedap gell. tapi after that sakit perut amat sbb kenyang yg amat

Thursday - supposed to have dinner at Doll tomyam, Senawang but unfortunately we went to wrong side so we ate at kedai behind Doll tomyam- Rina tomyam.. apekah...
comment: sedap!! i ate kueyteow tomyam. pekat. pedas. xde la masam sgt. sedap!!

my conclusion- Cik Azi, sy rs lama2 kita makan kat kedai yg makin sedap la :)

nx mission- Doll tomyam. this time no more wrong kedai, ahaqs!

p/s: sorry for the bad quality pictures.. handphone x cukup canggih la, hehe :P


Saturday, July 12, 2008

when gurls went for shopping

this morning we had study group in IMU, discussing some past years' paper. whaa.. first time we had full quorum of all 7 Malays in our batch during this discussion, hari in dalam sejarah :)

then after finishing our discussing, Azi wanted to go to JJ since her glasses broke (for dunno how many times already), n by that time we were all famished! (our brain used up too much glucose- hypoglycaemia) ape lagi, i wanted to follow her for lunch. Iffah also wanted to go, Nabia wanted to buy present for her father's birthday, n Fadzil wanted to eat KFC (n get Iffah's radio).. so, all 5 of us (except Ali who wanted to sedate himself with pseudoephidrine n Fiza who went back to Kajang) went to JJ. we had KFC for lunch. gile lapar!!

after lunch n solat, we (Azi, Iffah n me only, Nabia n Fadzil went home already) jalan2 with the aim of buying new shoes!! Azi said this is a good therapy for us who r very stressed with the coming EOS7. yeah, Azi n Iffah really need to buy shoes, but me? it was a want, not a need. whahaha.. but those two little rascals were succeed in hypnotising me to buy new shoes too!! gargh! tapi takpe, not their fault pon, it was me who was very attracted to these shoes.. haih.. there went my money unnecessarily.. i can't really wear them to the wards- not suitable coz 'bahaya'.. eh wait, i can wear them for Yuni's sis's wedding!! tapi nak pakai with baju ape ek? hmm...

lateral view

oblique view

antero-posterior (AP) view

post-retail therapy conversation

Azi: Frh, kalo nak pakai kasut ni, jgn diri dkt dgnku..

Frh: ala.. satu inci je tinggi.. ngehehe...

*nota kaki: adalah jarang utk Frh membeli kasut yg bertumit tinggi. ini adalah antara rare occasions di mana Frh mmg amat tertarik dgn kasut bertumit tinggi. tetapi Frh consider kasut ini sebenarnya xde la tinggi mana sgt :)


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

naik pangkat

great power comes with great responsibility
- spiderman movie

hm.. today we officially have new SRC comittee, which also means we, the sem7 members are no longer junior, but 'promoted' to become senior member.. yeah, great power comes with great responsibility.. wait, i dunno whether i have the power or not, but surely the responsibility is there. a huge one. the one that will kill me slowly unnoticed. like hypertension la, the silent killer. hehe.. ok la, mebi i'm being a bit exaggerated.. i whine too much, forgive me God... i think i am lucky cos my successor is someone that i can rely on. En. MMS, u have all my blessings! hehe.. continue ur good job (ever since u haven't been appointed yet) *wink* n let me study peacefully for EOS7. him nae ja frh!!

am enjoying my ortho posting.. yeah, the POP reminded me of last 9 years netball match, 2T vs 2C.. tak puas ati our class lost to 2C, because our class lost the 'sharp' shooter (yg jatuh terguling2 atas court simen).. 2 days after the fall only i went to hospital. that was my very first time entering hospital seremban. muahaha... currently, O/E, the abrasion scar is still seen on the radial side at distal end of left forearm..


Sunday, July 06, 2008


what a busy week!!
penat sey!!
mlm je mata da kuyu..
mimpi plak bukan2..
bgn pagi, benda first muncul dlm otak is 'nama2 tulang wif the fractures'..
'CP dgn sape arini? CSU session? TBL or seminar?'
huhu~ sgt penat..
then there goes my weekend,
sesi qada' tido!!
tp tdo pon x puas..
sbb asyik pk psl exam..
n kena cover ward..
tetibe br perasan coming seminar is our group's..
cmne nih?

jus knew from frenster..
kherq da tunang!!!
yes, KHERQ da tunang!
i expected dia yg paling awal kawen..
tapi still, among the earliest la to get enganged..
kherq... nnt kawen jgn lupa ajak statemate hg ni tau..
tapi.... do i have time for it?

tulang blkg sakit. kepala lutut sakit. berdiri lama sgt kt ward. mampu ke tahan sampai ke usia tua? xnak la dapat early osteoarthritis. hehe..