Tuesday, April 29, 2008


haiyaa.... sgt penat, mentally n physically.. since O&G posting nih, my physiology of almost everything has changed.
my sleep- less sleep, no more dream bad or sweet dream.. circadian rhythm go haywire. i sleep when i'm supposed to study, n study when i'm supposed to sleep. burung antu? ngee..
eating+appetite- byk makan, appetite pon increased, because i think i need more energy. so, the weight loss is compensated with increased in appetite: weight is maintained. n yeah, i eat more outside food. this is sooo bad for my pocket. huhu~
my BO time- go haywire.. unpredictable time, ahaqs
exercise- well, same je kot. less futsal.. err.. did i tell u i play carrom, partnered with Mr. Belakang, during goodwill games? hoho.. shhh... diam2 cukup ye..

despite all these, i still love O&G posting. the lecturers are very nice. the doctors n nurses in the wards n labour room are also very good (tho ade la kena buli dgn this particular HO, tapi xpe, niat dia baik, hehe).. i jus love the aura of pregnant ladies, the energy of mothers while 'pushing' n the very first cry from the baby, the so-called support group yg x habis2 memberi semangat kpd ibu2 yg dlm active phase of labour utk meneruskan perjuangan 'meneran' (tho kekadang tu agak irritating la, ye la, ibu tgh sakit kuat, yg awak sibuk suruh dia 'meneran' n like marah2, kesian la), para doktor yg saling bergantung antara satu sama lain- from different departments; obs+paeds+anasthaetist+senior midwives (multidisciplinary approach la katakan)... tu yg best la..

yg x best is the other way round.. a delivery should b a happy moment for the parents. a new life is coming out. unfortunately, for some people the joy does not last for long. so far, all the patients i've clerked xde lagi yg lost their baby. alhamdulillah.. it's jus that this morning i heard from the radio that 1 of the dj's son has passed away, he was only 12 days old. sgt sedih bila dgr. it reminds me of arwah adik faris, my late younger brother. he came to this world for only 3 days, then he passed away. i was not so sure of why he died, coz at that time i was only 10 years old. all i knew was he 'lemas sebab tertelan najis'. now, being a medical student, i think he died because of fetal distress- the reason? maybe prolonged second stage of labour kot.. entah.. now bila we mention about his name in front of my mom, mak mesti sedih. so, ktrg pon jarang ungkit lagi.. hmm... Al-fatihah to my adik faris n fbi's son...

ok la.. xnak sedih2 lagi.. nak sambung study.. exam is jus around the corner, nx week!! 2 MCQ (obs+paeds) n 1 clinical exam (obs)... chaiyuk!!!

The mother-child relationship is paradoxical and, in a sense, tragic. It requires the most intense love on the mother's side, yet this very love must help the child grow away from the mother, and to become fully independent.--Erich Fromm

Sunday, April 20, 2008


hoho.. lama bangat x update this blog.. been very bz with many things lately. since now i'm in Obstetrics posting, agak busy la and xde masa nak online lelama. check emel, friendster and out! many reports to do: summary, oncall reports, cfcs report. src things lagi.. goodwill game and music night.. erghhhh.. stress hormone sgt tinggi.. my room sgt messy skrg, kertas report bersepah2. kepala otak pon messy gak... tu la farah... sape suruh tangguh2 kerja.. huhu~

hm.. byk nak crite psl Obs posting nih.. yg best n yg x best.. tapi masa blom mengizinkan lagi. nnt if ada free time yg lg panjang dr weekend nih, insyaAllah akan di update (hmm.. i wonder bila la tu.. finaz replied- tau takpe..)

ok.. really got to go now.. my works r calling for me! daa~

*welcoming someone to srmbn :) senyum hingga ke telinga walaupun otak tgh semak, ahaqs!