Friday, October 09, 2009

do not shed blood, but donate blood

be friends with each other or not,
but be friends with those in need

Time: 11.45am
Hb level: 13.1 g/dL
Wt: XX kg
BP: 100/80 mmHg
LMP: 14/9/09

hehe.. i was nearly rejected due to the low BP. i've been rejected a few times before bcoz of low pressure anyway. but the Dr let me proceed! wee! last time i donated blood was last December in HPP. it is a long the break but i have a valid reason for that. so when i was eligible to donate this time, i was very happy.

so, when the staff nurse wanted to poke my vein i told her to take from the right side as it is more prominent. unfortunately, she made it thrombosed! i never had this problem previously. mind u, i've donated a lot of times already so i know which one is good or not. sad la, sakit lak tu.. it got bruises already =( she managed to take blood from left side, which is from a much smaller vein and slower. took quite some times to fill in the 350ml bag. hehe, previously blood bank wl take 450ml from me but since the current weight is not suitable, they took lesser. never mind la.. oh wait, with this, i get the previlege of FREE medical service in the outpatient for 2 years and 2nd class ward too (forgot for how long).. hehe...

but yeah, i am happy! happy to donate blood, happy that someone will insyaAllah recieve my blood n help save a life. a little thing to do but i am satisfied. it makes u feel good, seriously. sape yg x pernah tu, try la! it wont cost u anything!

come, let's donate blood! =)

~ berjaya angkut hidayah janapi to donate blood with me, hehe...