Thursday, April 27, 2006

GI anatomy week

adoi!! (sounds like beloved dr. francis ;p)
uh.. i've said this many times to my frens - 'i dun like anatomy!!' .. is all IMU students like me? wut can i say, we dun hav cadaver here...only models r available... and they r totally not the same as the real 1.. the red r arteries, the blue r veins, the yellow thing is fat....even non-medical students can memorize 'em!! huhu~
but i guess i hav to bear wif it la.. kesian JPJ kat depan tuh.. 1 whole week of anatomy wl make me die!! in fact, i slept during his lectures (and other lectures too! hehe).. lagi la teruk.. n i hav 5 lect notes to study coz i never touch them since our 1st day of GI *ape nk jadi ni frh?*