Monday, July 16, 2007

what a day!

waa... it has been a very long time since i last wrote in d blog.. guess i was too busy n lazy to switch on my laptop.. plus the final exam was just around the corner. but now since the exam is over, i have plenty times to write here, provided i'm not lazy la.. hehe..
hmm.. about today.. i did a silly mistake, seriously, silly mistake.. betapa cuainya saya.. i shud have put sumthing in my x-house's mailbox, which is **-13-4.. but i mistakenly put it in mailbox **-13a-4.. arghh... the only difference is the letter 'a'.. sy sungguh cuak masa tu.. kalo ada videocam tgh record masa tu, mmg bley menang award msia funniest home video kot.. adei.. tu la... all this while mmg azi je yg akan check all the letters coz she was the only 1 holding the mailbox's key. so i took for granted la xtau mane mailbox ktrg. after putting the thing wrongly then only i realized i made a mistake!!! so i gotta go to the 13a house but no1 was in. i went to the management but they dun have the owner's contact no.. then i came back to the house, leaving a note for the owner, with hope the owner will kindly put back my thing in the correct mailbox. then again i went to the management to inform them about this.. berpeluh2 sy jln, naik turun tangga.. sian mak sy, terpaksa ikut skali dlm misi menyelamatkan that thing.. sori mak n ayah, to delay our journey back to penang.. akak x bermaksud nk lmbt2kan blk umah.. now, i just pray n hope the mailbox owner will put back my thing.. huhu~ kesimpulannye, jgnla cuai ye.. bkn shj akn menyusahkan diri sendiri. tp jugk org lain.. :(
on the way back to penang, we stopped at tapah n tepeng.. ayah bought a lot of durian tepeng n mangoes.. i luv durian!! nyumnyum..esok nk g kampung kait rambutan la pulak.. hehe..
okies.. sy mau check emel yg dah lama gell x bukak.. tetibe rindu kawan2... huhu~