Thursday, February 28, 2008


hm.. lama x update blog nih.. mmg enjoy cuti nih, dgn xde kredit, internet connection down. no connection with outer world la kirenye (ok, i'm exaggerating hehe). teruk kan? ish3...

then tadi dah dpt connect internet n YM, i got an offline msg from dilin saying that Jiha's (IMU friend in Auckland) father passed away today due to heart attack. Al-Fatihah to her father. to Jiha, sy x pandai berkata2 tp saya harap semoga awak kuatkan semangat aja aja fighting awak. semoga roh ayah awak tenang di sana dgn doa dari anak2nya. ingat, Allah sentiasa berada di sisi hamba2Nya...

"Allah menciptakan kamu, kemudian mematikan kamu; dan di antara kamu ada yg dikembalikan pd umur yg paling lemah, supaya dia tidak mengetahui lagi sesuatu pun yg pernah diketahuinya. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui lagi Maha Kuasa" 16:70

dan pagi td juga my maternal uncle had an angioplast done sumwhere in KL. patutnya buat on 2 arteries tp satu x berjaya, only one je succeed. Alhamdullilah the op went well despite the one blocked artery. he's stil in the ward now, xtau can be discharged bila. InsyaAllah if he's stil in the hosp on Saturday, i'll give him a visit. i'm planning to go back to KL n srmbn on Saturday.

hm.. takut kan bile pikir2 balik, senang je bebila Allah nak tarik nyawa kita. Dia yg menciptakan kita, dan Dia jugak mematikan kita. tugas kita sebagai khalifah muka bumi ni hanyalah utk beribadat kpdNya. ye la, hidup di dunia utk bersedia di akhirat sana. mungkin susah, tp kita x boleh give up selagi x mencuba sedaya upaya kita kan? InsyaAllah, sy pun dalam proses utk mentarbiyahkan diri. dan sy sedar, byk halangan physical, social, spiritual and etc dlm nak mencapai niat yg satu ini. kawan2, tolong ye :) takut jugak kalau Allah tarik nyawa ni pd masa kita lalai seketika padaNya. mintak jauhla.. dan sy harap, org2 yg sy syg juga slalu ingt padaNya. doa sy x putus agar org2 yg sy syg juga disayangiNya. amin..

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Monday, February 18, 2008

berfikir sejenak

"HE IT IS who has made the earth a cradle for you, and has traced out for you ways [of livelihood] thereon, and [who] sends down waters from the sky: and by this means We bring forth various kinds of plants." -20:53

"And it is He who has spread the earth wide and placed on it firm mountains and running waters, and created thereon two sexes of every [kind of] plant; [and it is He who] causes the night to cover the day. Verily, in all this there are messages indeed for people who think!" -13:3

*the first picture was taken on the day of Finaz's solemnization in Tasek Gelugor. the 2nd pict was in Port Dickson. Nice huh?


si DIA part 2

huhu~ i'm back in seremban. boring! this morning went to IMU to discuss the research project with ding, then dunno wut else to do i went to JJ n tesco in S2. walked alone, seriously tak best :( nak balik penang!!!

ok la, let's continue with si DIA. on Friday, i accompanied DIA to Sogo coz DIA is meeting some old friends there. yeah, DIA bought me a shirt. suke! sebab cantik :) hm, after the meeting, we went back to the hotel. nothing much happened that night.

Saturday morning my mom n Najwa came to KL, just to meet DIA. in the noon, we all went to Wangsa Maju to do some shopping (again). finished with shopping we went to Aunt Senah's place, packed the things we bought at the care4. after Maghrib prayer, we all made a move to Bangi (yes, Bangi) to have dinner. the dinner was nice, at D' Asria Cafe, Teras Jenang. i luv the 'tomyam perahu pecah', a must try dish there. sgt sedap! this was not the 1st time i went there. so to Bangi ppl or those yg lalu Bangi tu, try la ye :)

makan besar at D' Asria Cafe

from left: Uncle Ed (x pandang camera), Usu, Uncle Besar (berdiri), Athirah, Najwa

tgk pinggan Jannah yg full with kulit kerang, ahaqs!

oh ye, the dinner actually was a family gathering. almost everyone was there even Opah, except Uncle Seni's family (coz he is not in Malaysia rite now, 'org minyak' yg sgt bz). y we had family gath? it's bcoz of DIA. DIA is my auntie yg paling rapat, my beloved Usu. she's not staying in Malaysia currently so every time she come back to Malaysia, it's like a big event la. that's the time for us to meet up in KL. every1 is busy with their life- family n career life kan, so this is a good opportunity to hv a gath. not that we dun see each other but with Usu around, it's different. but this time she left her children in London, she came back with her hubby only, for 1 week. if the children r here, lagi best, hehe.. tonite she'll b going back to London. huhu~ miss her already. her next vacation is in July/August. i doubt i can join them, the sem7 exam is sumwhere in mid August, ergh!

My mom, Usu, Najwa sumwhere at Wangsa Maju

to Usu, hv a safe journey back. till we meet again in nx 6 months. luv you! muahx!

*now u know who is DIA, why we stayed in a hotel, n why is London time kan? hehe :) si DIA mmg I sayang. korang ingat sape eh? ish3... sorry la ye. the 1st entry about her mmg misleading abes. mmg intentionally pon, ahaqs!

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Friday, February 15, 2008

si DIA part 1

Alhamdulillah... setelah sekian lama, dan byknya halangan, akhirnya saya berjaya juga jumpa si DIA hari ini, 14Feb 08, di KLCC. mula2 sy bertolak dari Seremban at 9 am, reached Setiawangsa at 11 am by public transport. sampai Setiawangsa, sy called Nabia sbb kami bercadang hendak ber'shopping'. yea, berjaya shopping juga akhirnya. ape yg kami beli ialah BUKU2 utk sem7 di Kamal Bookstore. hoho, semangat tak kami? xpe, shopping ini adalah keperluan, bukan kehendak :)

lepas dah shopping di Kamal, kami pergi ke Low Yatt plaza. Nabia nak masukkan buku2 (lagi) dalam PDA, saya lak nk beli external hard disc. yea, seronok! saya berjaya membelinya, 120GB dgn harga rm208 with the casing FOC. ingat nk beli laptop cooler tapi malas la. abesla duit kalo sumenye nk dibeli skrg. lagipun, the hard disc is a need, n the cooler is a want. give priority to the need first.

then, on the way nak pegi jumpa si DIA, DIA called n asked me to buy a chess set. so, sy n Nabia pon pusing the whole Berjaya TimeSquare to search for it. we went to every floor, every toy shops n bookshops. lenguh2 kaki jalan utk tak menghampakan DIA. Alhamdulillah, berjaya jugak mencarinya. I bought a limited edition glass chess set. cantik! bila dah beli tu, Nabia antar sy ke KLCC sbb DIA tunggu sy kt sana.

yeah, akhirnya jumpa jugak DIA kat KLCC! borak2 kejap sambil jln2. masa jln2 tepi 'Haagen-Dazs' kt C level tu, sy ckp kt DIA yg kwn sy tgh keje kt situ. (kawan sy tu kwn ms di KMPP, Adila a.k.a metal). DIA dgn selambanya ckp "ye ke kwn Farah, then jom la mkn situ". hoho. utk pengetahuan sume, seumur hidup sy, x pnah mkn icecream kat situ. mahal duhh.. tp apabila dah diajak oleh DIA, ape lagi, xkanla nk lepaskan peluang keemasan ni ye tak :) kat situ sy x order icecream pun, minum iced cappuccino je. ktrg minum ni pon sbb nk tggu seseorang. sape seseorg tu? hehe...

bila dah abes mkn n seseorang yg ditunggu dah tiba, kami bertolak ke hotel utk meletak brg. bygkan sy masuk KLCC dgn 1 bagpack yg besar (sbb planned nk overnight at aunt Senah's house over the weekend), tgn kanan pegang plastic bag ada buku2 (yg baru dibeli di Kamal), tgn kiri lak ada plastic bag with the glass chess set. berat lerr.. tu yg kena simpan brg dulu. dah simpan brg kt hotel, ktrg rehat jap, n kuar dinner. mkn2 sgt kenyang... balik hotel semula.. tgk tv, tdo...

heh.. nak tau sape si DIA? knapa kami tido di hotel? nx post la ye. apepon, sy mmg happy harini :)

*disclaimer: time post ini di publish adalah 14/2/08 jam 1736 mengikut London time. anda akan tahu kenapa nnt :)


Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Alhamdulillah, smlm dah abes MCQ surgery. x senang la, huhu~ x moh ckp psl exam. nk cite psl actvt slps exam.

after exam, other ppl pegi mkn kt McD. sy x ikut sbb dah lunch b4 exam (ada selera lg tu hehe). instead, I went to a carwash near nelayan, recommended by Fadzil n Fiza. yea, happy sbb akhirnya kereta yg dah sgt kotor tu dah jadi bersih, n kesan2 calar yg sy langgar 'byk' benda dah berjaya dihilangkan (tp yg kemek tu stil ada, just not too obvious like b4. dun ask how it became kemek). then, dah abes CUCI kereta, i went to the 3girls house, coz we have another plan :)

around 4.45pm, we went to JJ S2 to watch a movie. what movie? hehe.. CUCI by Hans Isaac. hm.. this movie is fabulous!! sgt best ok. x rugi duit tgk. afterall, it's a Malaysian movie. Y not we support Malaysian movies? but seriusly, a must see movie for this month! :)

the story is about 4 org anak yatim yg berhijrah ke KL utk menjadi pencuci bangunan. Drg ada impian drg sendiri, utk mencuci 2 bangunan yg tertinggi di Malaysia, iaitu the Twin Towers. Drg menubuhkan sykt 'CuciCuci Services' dan masuk 'Window Washing Olympic'. hadiah Olympic ni adalah duit RM5k n kontrak utk cuci Twin Tower tu la. dalam nak mencapai impian tu, banyakla halangan yg dtg. nak tau drg menang ke x, kena la tgk sendiri. Cite ni best sbb lawak selamba n sarcastic yg mmg kekadang2 dgr sakit hati but true. err.. mebi bcoz i'm so used to sarcastic jokes lately kot. 7 weeks with surgeons, n ppl close to me yg sarcastic jugak, hehe..

moral of the story is all about impian. semua org ada impian. yg membezakan impian dgn kenyataan hanyalah usaha yg dibuat utk mencapai impian tu. impianku? hmm.. nak jadi seorg doktor yg berjaya, both dunia dan akhirat. InsyaAllah, akanku capai title Doktor itu dalam masa 2 thn ini. doakan sy ye.. dan utk menjadi muslimah yg solehah, sy perlukan sokongan kwn2 sbb sy rasa diri sy belum cukup kuat. ok kwn2? hehe.. lagi impian, nk jadi kaya dgn hasil tgn sendiri. ahaqs! ala, xde la kaya gile2, just nak tolong mak ayah je. kesian tgk ayah kerja kuat siang malam, bwh panas terik sampai dah gelap kulit dia. tu semua pengorbanan ayah utk kami anak2 dia. akak sayang ayah! mak pon penat gak kerja, n jaga kami anak2 yg degil nih. penuh sabar walaupn kami byk sakitkan hati mak. sori mak. akak sayang mak jugak! akak harap satu hari nnt mak ayah dapat jejakkan kaki ke tanah suci Mekah. muahx!! dan lagi impian, biar sy simpan dalam hati je la. xleh nk share kat public *wink* harapnya, impian2 itu akan menjadi nyata :)

Impianku sampai ke awan
Impianku tergantung di langit
Impianku membasah bumi
Itulah impianku
Berdiri megah di puncak dunia
(lirik Impianku-OST Cuci)

~angan2 adalah langkah pertama utk mencapai kejayaan~

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Siapa DIA?

Hatiku berbunga riang bila dpt sms ptg tadi. I'm happy!! I'm meeting someone I luv this week! Yeah.. sgt amat seronok. Tak sabarnyeh! (walaupun ada exam esok). dah lama x jumpa DIA, last time was last year. err.. xde la lama mana sgt.. sy jarang jumpa DIA, tu yg bila ada peluang, xkan dilepaskan. miss DIA so much. sgt sayang DIA.

Siapa DIA? tunggu la :)

siapa Finaz?

Nor Shafinaz Saad

Dia antara sepupuku sblh ayah yg paling rapat. Tahun ini umurnya akan mencecah 24 thn, setahun tua dariku. Zaman kecilku byk dihabiskan bersama Finaz dan kawan2 lain (Ina, Surani, Khairun, G-aa) di kampung, yg mana kami menggelarkan kumpulan kami sbg "Tree Ghost Gang". Kenapa pokok? Hehe.. sbb kami, ops, mereka suka panjat pokok, esp pokok mata kucing kat rumah Nurul. Kat pokok tu ada mereka ukir nama kumpulan kami. Hm.. well, sape yg knal sy mesti tau yg sy takut dgn ketinggian, maka sy mmg x pernah panjat pokok tu, ahaqs!! Bila mereka panjat, sy hanya melepak2 di bawah pokok tu, sambil sembang2 dgn mereka dr bawah..hehe..

Finaz tinggal kt kg Permatang Berangan bersama keluarganya dan ahli keluarga ayah ku yg lain. Mak Tam, Mak Long, Pak Ndak (ayah Finaz), arwah Pak Njang, Mak Teh, dan Kak Ah semua tinggal kt situ. Sekampung tu mmg famili Tok Don shj. Ayah lak tggl kat Taman Sepadu, dkt sgt je dgn kg tu. Dulu masa kecik, Mak Tam yg jaga kami adik-beradik (sy, Duis n Ukoduko. Najwa blom lahir lg masa tu). So, sejak kecik, sy mmg rapat dgn famili side sana la. Sekolah Taski ABIM Nurul Yaqin dpn umah Mak Tam adalah sekolah pertama sy. Sy x sempat pegi Taski dgn Finaz sbb sy hanya bljr utk 1 tahun shj. Khairun (kini di UPSI) yg muda setahun dr sy sempat la blaja skali dgn sy sbb dia masuk sejak umurnya 5 thn. Then, bila dah menjejakkan kaki ke sekolah rendah, Sek. Keb. Tasek Gelugor, sy slalu la menapak ke skolah dgn finaz dan sedara lain. Tapi x ingatla sampai darjah bape. Seingat sy, masa sy dah Tahap 2, sy slalu dok umah dgn adik2 sy, pergi skolah naik basikal. Best gile la. Pegi sekolah agama (kami panggil sekolah arab) pn naik basikal gak (tetibe teringat peristiwa Duis jatuh longkang ms otw balik from sek arab, ahaha)

Semasa weekend or cuti sekolah, sy slalu suro mak or ayah antar sy pegi kg yg sekangkang kera jaraknya dr umah sy. Nak main dgn Finaz. Ye, sy mmg mengada2 masa kecik2 dulu. Kalo nak main pape pon, mesti nk satu grup dgn Finaz, kalo x sy xnk main. Serius. Ngade2 kan. Tp best, dia dan kwn2 lain mmg mengalah. Hoho.. Finally, papepon game yg ktrg mostly sy akan satu grup dgn Finaz. Hehe.. Time lunch lak, sy slalu mkn nasi n lauk yg Mak Tam masak, then bawak pinggan tu ke umah di blkng, ktrg akan 'berkelah' sama2 kt umah Finaz. Makan atas buaian lak tu. Hoho.. mmg mengada2.

Bila Finaz dah abes sek rendah, dia dpt offer ke SMKA Nibong Tebal, dok hostel. Sy pon dh jarang jumpa dia xcept bila dia blk umah ms cuti. Then bila sy lak dok hostel since form1, sy lak yg jarang pegi kg. Masa cuti sy byk dihabiskan dgn tdo, hehe.. Khadak tdo la konon. Kalo x tdo, tgk TV je keje.. Ish3.. Kanak2 zaman skrg ni.. Pegi jumpa dia masa weekend or ptg2, borak2 psl skolah sume, dgn Khairun jugakla. Kekadang jln2 kat bendang sambil borak. I miss bendang tuh. Hmm... Tambah2 bila sy dah dok Sunway n KL, dia lak kat UTM Skudai jauh nun di selatan, ktrg lagi la jarang jumpa. Cuti sy dgn cuti dia jarang bertembung. (itula ruginya sy tak blaja di IPTA). Tanya khabar pon tru frenster n sms je. Oh ye, kami pernah saling mengutus surat tnya khabar ms kat sekolah menengah dulu, jgn x caye :) Masa sy kt BJ, dia ada la dtg tdo umah sy beberapa kali (ke sekali? lupa lak).. Ada sekali tu sy temankan dia pegi Puduraya sbb dia nk balik Png. Masa tu la sy 1st time jumpa 'Ustaz' Ashraf.. Siapa ustaz nih? Hehe..

cucu cicit Tok Don bersama pengantin :)

Last year, Finaz dah selamat menjadi tunangan 'Ustaz' ni. Dan 22.12.07 dia juga telah selamat menjadi isteri Ashraf yg sah. (Kenapa sy pnggil Ashraf 'Ustaz'? Hehe.. ade la kan finaz kan?) Alhamdulillah.. mggu lepas, 9.2.08 telah usai majlis walimah mereka, serentak satu hari di Tasek Gelugor dan Machang Bubok. Dan sy, sgt kenyang!! Rezeki melimpah ruah, bape kali sy mkn dlm masa 3 jam tuh.. Hehe.. tp xpe, gastric emptying time is 3-4 hours, cepat je mknn tu dihadam, dgn harapan x jadi fat la, hoho..

Julia yg khusyuk mengetuk paku

'Ustaz' Ashraf dan Finaz

Kepada pasangan Finaz dan Ashraf, sy doakan korg berdua bahagia di dunia dan akhirat. Ashraf, jaga sepupu sy baik2 tau. Dan semoga korg dikurniakan anak2 menambah pewaris Tok Don, hehe..

Doa ini sy baca dlm novel "Ada Cinta Di Hati", novel yg dipinjamkan oleh Atiyah, ops, Julia (nm yg lebih glemer) semasa sy tumpang solat kt umah dia. Sesuai utk hang, Finaz. (insyaAllah, utk sy juga di masa depan :) )

"Ya Allah, seandainya telah Kau ciptakan dia menjadi milikku, tercipta buatku, dekatkanlah dia padaku, satukanlah hatinya dgn hatiku, titipkan kemesraan di antara kami agar kebahagiaan itu kekal abadi. Ya Allah yg Maha Pengasih, seiringkanlah kami dlm melayari kehidupan yg sejahtera, sebagaimana yg Kau kehendaki. Ameen"

Me, Maisarah n Julia, all in purple

Julia n me with the pengantin at Ashraf's house. Note the bunga telur behind me, I accidentally jatuhkan it while sibuk nak amek camera casing. Ops! hehe

Finally berjaya amek gmbr with Ammar without him melarikan diri :)

Tetamu undangan non-Malay, Aru si penjual ikan. Banyak jasanya kpd org kg sini. Kalo x, x mkn ikan la gamaknye, ahaqs!

Sesi gotong royong membersihkan periuk slps majlis. Ada Pak Mi, Julia, Fatin, Haziq, n etc..


Monday, February 04, 2008

fightersz 10th anny!


there will be times
days will go by so fast
n our friendship means so much to us
there will be times
when it's time for us to leave
i'll miss you too much till it hurts

to all my dearest fightersz,


syg korang gell!

p/s: Hepi birthday tash!
hepi anny to all batch 9802 too!
credits to milo for d edited pic :)

Sunday, February 03, 2008

tasmanian angels

(yuni n me @ station kopitiam, 28 Jan 08)

(me, fatin, azi @ grand ifthar IMUbj 4/10/07)

hold a friend's hand through the times of trial,
let they find love through hugs and smiles,
but also know when it is time to let go,
because each and every one of us must learn to grow.


good luck in ur future undertakings!

thanks a zillion for being such great friends to me

gonna miss u gurls!

*hugs and kisses from Seremban*

Saturday, February 02, 2008

meet the cousins

clinical exam for surgery is over! i got Mr. D (not Mr DAW ye cik ifa) as my examiner. my case was a patient came electively for removal of stone in hepatic duct. cholelithiasis + choledocholithiasis la. pergh.. penat je clerk byk2, he din ask a lot of questions pon. i din even hv opportunity to present the full history. jgn dia x bagi byk markah dah la sbb soalan x byk ditanya, huhu..

nway, skip the exam story.
today i went to midval megamall to meet my 'long lost' cousins. lama gell x jumpa diorang. i met husyaini, hasyir, shila n hasif. n sesi terjah jannah kat tempat kerja dia di 'the gardens'. it was fun! i'm happy today! (after a few miserable weeks) lepak2 di burger king, refil air sgt byk kali, gelak2 sakan. hoho~ sgt kelakar main2 'camping game', 'green glass door', kire kambing, n kire jari. berasap pale otak ku ini. wuteva la, yg penting, i'm happy!! biar pun org sebelah ktrg pelik tgk kitrg kire kambing, ahaqs! need to get away from seremban for a while n this was just a perfect timing! x sabarnyeh nk balik penang, my cousin; finaz's walimah pulak.

Hasif (yg sgt cepat tahap pick up nye ngalahkn sy) sdg mengira kambing

husyaini@kuchai doctor-to-be yg mengira jari

wif shila

from left: hasif, shila, me, hasyir. not in the camera: kuchai the cameraman


oh ye.. oja, welcome to our teratak buruk :)