Saturday, September 26, 2009

satu tahun tiga bulan

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.
-Walt Disney

mark this date..
the pics above describe my feelings.

to be continued...

~ la la yada yada... yes, i am not sane rite now


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

eid 1430


Ikhlas dari,

Farahiyah =)

p/s: thanx for all birthday wishes! luv u all!

~ ada apa dgn sabtu ini? =)


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

it's mid Sept!

learning without thinking is useless, thinking without learning is dangerous

well well well.. salam Ramadhan to all! it's not too late rite? hehe.. been busy with things at BP so no time to update the blog. nothing special to update kot except for works works n works. portfolios to be submitted, n cfcs report in addition, they r really a headache! sape kata sem10 is relaxing? u guys r so wrong! huhu~

nway, it's September ppl! ok, it's mid September! hehe.. sorry la, i m obsessed with September. my friends said, September ppl r very obsessed with September. but what to do? ;P

so here it goes~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all Sept ppl! be it belated, or in advanced! so sorry if i did not wish u guys earlier. internet was a problem then. (ok, it shudnt b an excuse, hehe)..

1/9 : ana sunway
5/9 : ula
7/9 : shebob, jeeb
8/9 : aera
9/9 : dila bero, nabia
10/9 : shila hasni
11/9 : diyana sunway
14/9 : milo
15/9 : dill
16/9 : angah, YOURS TRULY :) auntie zura
17/9 : dekda
20/9 : nadd haridan
22/9: apan, k-ron
26/9 : emma marina
28/9 : azmi CM

semoga dgn pertambahan umur ni, kita semua semakin matang dalam kehidupan. let's habiskan sisa Ramadhan yg tinggal ini dgn sebaik2nya k. insyaAllah...

oh btw, kengkawan, marilah menonton cite "Cinta Sempurna" kat astro oasis. or senang tgk je kat youtube. a true story based on Ustaz Hasrizal's experience. it is altered a bit here n there but the main objective is stil there. at first it may be boring but later it is more interesting. seriously. x rugi pon kalo tgk =)

ok, gtg n do cfcs report. c ya!

~ kembali bertanya pada diri sendiri, what is MY purpose of life? hm..

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