Friday, November 30, 2007

luv stories

this is not a movie or novel review. it is real life. 2 stories that i usually watch on the tv or read in the novel. it's funny n touching though cos they happened just before me.

1. obsess vs love
He claimed that he loves her. she rejected him. not once. many times ok. he just seems like he din get it. or he was in denial state i dun know. but i do think that is not love. it is called obsession. scary duhh.. n he really got on my nerves! luckily he acts normally nowadays. to that encik, plis dun make any more silly moves ok! i dun think u want to lose ur frens bcos of a girl... rite?

2. love u till death
hm.. this fighter is supposed to get enganged sumwhere in this coming December. but las 2 weeks, her soon-to-be fiancee was involved in an accident. he was quite fine after the accident but suddenly loss of conciousness after a few minutes. he did call my fren b4 that, said things that ppl usually say when they know that their death is coming. very touching la. and he passed away on the way to the hospital. innalillah.. my fren was very shocked to hear that news.. ye la, he was fine at a time, n after few minutes he was gone. who knows when God will 'call' us rite? we can just plan. in this case, my fren's baju tunang n cincin tunang are all ready. sedihla when she look at those things. memories remains even without ppl we luv is not around... but i know her quite long back in TKC. i think she is brave n strong enuf. semoga arwah dicucuri rahmat Allah..
*i dunno wut will i do if this happen to me. minta dijauhkan...*

hm.. 2 luv stories. very ironic. u dun know until they really happened in front of u. i thought they were jus fiction until recently.. life is like that i guess..

The greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved in return...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

berbudi kepada tanah

Alhamdulillah.. rasanya hari ni terisi dgn penuh n bermanfaat. pagi stil at achik's house. aunti zura masak nasi lemak ayam berempah. sgt sedap. terasa nikmat sbb mmg dah lama sgt x mkn ns lemak, since masuk seremban rasenya. kesian kan.. dok seremban ni mmg susah nk cari mknn yg best, yg slalu senang nk dpt kt tmpt lain mcm burger/pisang goreng pon susah nk cari. kena drive jauh baru bley jumpa. kalo dulu kt BJ, hari2 nk mkn ns lemak ayam berempah pon boleh, beli from 'lori' je. x pon, pagi2 ada pakcik jual nasi lemak sedap n murah dpn vista tu. haih.. sabar je la..

around 12p.m, dah sampai kat JJ seremban2 for diabetes screening campaign under persatuan diabetes malaysia. x menang tangan sbb sy jaga registration part. ramainya x terkata.. adei.. penat gile tgn, dah lama x nulis byk cmtu. las time masa spm kot. x pon, masa exam ausmat dulu.. hm.. lama tuh.. happy dapat tolong tho x byk sgt mende di buat. at least, ada gakla wakil from sem6 yg dtg tolong (azi n me). kekadang tatau nk ckp pe if ada any event, tp xde sem6 yg nk ikut.. no more elaboration...

what made me more happy today was pokok!! me n azi pegi nursery kt dpn tmn n beli pasu n tanah. nk tanam pokok daun sup. hehe.. las week ktrg pegi giant senawang, beli pokok limau purut. daun sup pon dibeli jugak (utk masak nasi ayam, nyumnyum). akar pokok tu disimpan, ingt nk tnm la, so xyah la beli lg nx time. dah seminggu akar dia direndam, daun2 baru dah tumbuh, xkn nk biar dlm air je kan. that's y la ktrg beli pasu.. terasa puas dpt berbudi kpd tanah. at least ada gak hasilnya.. (teringat pokok limau purut kat rumah penang. diamanahkan kepada najwa utk dijaga. dia menjaganya dgn penuh hati2. thnx jua!)


pokok2 kt satu sudut umah, pokok limau purut, daun sup yg br nk tumbuh, n satu lagi is my besday present from azi, xsure pokok nama ape.

satu lagi pandangan pokok2 itu. saujana mata memandang, ahaqs!!

ni plak pokok limau purut kat umah penang. ijau yg sgt cantik. sejuk je..

Friday, November 16, 2007


haih.. esok ifa ajak balik umah dia kat batu pahat sbb kakak dia nk kawen. kalo sy ikut, bley jd bunga telur girl. n bley balik ayer baloi kejap. dekat je.. sgt rindu kampung, opah..n arwah atuk. atuk meninggal masa sy tgktn 1, masa tu sy ingt lg, sy called umah tp xde org jwb. then, sy call mak tam, n mak tam ckp my famili sume dah balik pontian. sy terasa sgt sedih, cm xde sape ingt sy utk dibawa blk jumpa arwah utk kali terakhir.. so, sy mmg x sempat jumpa arwah b4 dikebumikan, in fact, my parents pon x sempat sbnrnye. penang-johor sgt jauh. tp Alhamdulillah, sy ada jumpa arwah a few days b4 dia mninggal, tp masa tu dia tgh koma. sgt sedih.. semoga roh atuk Sulaiman dicucuri rahmatNya...

ni la umah opah kat ayer baloi, pontian, johor.. rindunye..

opahku, Fatimah bt. Ibrahim.. sayang opah!!

nway, back to my problem. all my IMU frens ada hal yg xbley dielakkan, so drg x dpt nk ikut g bt pht. takkan sy nk g sorg2 je, xde teman selain tuan rumah.. huhu~ cmne nih? patut x sy pegi? help me to make a decision...

hm.. ni dialog YM sy dgn kuchai tadi, 1 of my closest cousins. i guess he understands me bcos he's also doing medic, currently in Melbourne Uni. gile la.. sy jugek yg x fly2..ahaqs! *my dialog dah di edit, tp yg kuchai punya original*

frhyh : hmm.. i feel a bit depressed lately
kuchai: hahah bukan kita sumer ade gak camtuh ke, skali sekala
kuchai: cam biasa.....fed up ngan diri yang berlengah2
kuchai: study tak, rilek pon tak
kuchai: mengeluh2 sepanjang minggu
frhyh : tu la.. kekadang bile jmpe patient tatau nk tnya ape
kuchai: but but..i think u're best just following ur flow ^^
kuchai: so far, dah sampai 3rd year, dah sampai stage nih dah pon
kuchai: u know what u're doing lah~
kuchai: just relax and u'll get back ur confident ^^
kuchai: dont worry too much
kuchai: syaitan jer tuh...playing around with ur heads...makes u unable to think, worried too much bout unproductive things and stuff
frhyh : btul tu.. i think i need a break, see my frens, out of srmbn for a while
kuchai: tapi cam i guess, get close to fwen, cam borak2, kinda helps?
kuchai: well, try out things, play sports...put ur mind away sat ke, jumpe kawan
kuchai: things like that?
kuchai: saja makan sedap sket ke, ape ke
kuchai: cam just a day of sober and treating urself
kuchai: then, u know that u gotta be back into business la kot
kuchai: kekeke
kuchai: dun worry ^^ u'll do well which ever turns u take

so, kesimpulannya, jgn depressed sgt.. if u need a break, just do it now! kalo rasa was2, depressed.. tu sume tipu daya syaitan. be optimist. ni nasihat utk diri sendiri jugak.. doa mintak dijauhi dr syaitan yg direjam.. Amiin..

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

eidulfitri 1428

alhamdulillah.. finally i managed to finish my puasa 6 arini. taktau la diterima ke x tapi i've tried my best. hopefully diterima Allah la..

hm.. cam dah lama x update this blog. after raya been very busy wif exam. at night always went to the hospital. days, spent almost all the time in the wards. ke hulu ke hilir ikut ward rounds, clerk patients.. i like it but yeah, it' tiring. wut i like the most is the time spent chitchatting with the patients, about things other than their medical illnesses. it's nice to hear other people's experiences, their journey in life, and their jokes. laughter is the best medicine! (so, xyah makan ubat doctor dah ke? hehe) in next post la i'll tell some stories about some of the patients..hehe

nway, during this eidulfitri, i went to quite a lot of open houses, including my fren's house yg dah 10 years x jumpa. cool huh.. quite a number of my old frens came to my house during the 4th day of raya. on the sixth day we went to ashah's house. i was very happy! i met fini, jiha, ashah, syahini, lin, shamini, asma', sabrina, yani, anod, duan, sad, poklan, ajis, n epol. seronok!

at my house

at ashah's house

26/10, we went to shazwan's house in Bangi. we were among the last to go there, kind of VIP la, ahaqs! seb baik ada lagi food, kalo x penat je kasemsuk drove there, dia siap tampal map kat stereng lagi. x amek gmbr sgt la, xcpt few pictures with firaz, his cousin's son. cute!

with cutey firaz

27/10, we went to en. Dawi's open house in taman seremban jaya. huhu~ we sesat jalan! too bad i'm not good at reading map. azi plak, 2x5 je, hehe.. so, we just followed our instinct, n finally managed to reach there. kak chombie and the others dah abes makan nk siap2 balik dah.. nasebla.. xde amik gmbr kt umah dia la..

then, 1 whole week i concentrated on the exam. no makan2.. alhamdulillah, exam was good tho not the best. abes je exam, byk plan nk g jln2 wif azi to other openhouses. excited! cos exam was over, no more pressure of reading books n see patients' faces :)

3/11, i played volleyball for IMU Sports' week in the morning. we were not good enuf so we lost to seniors 12-25, 25-12.. never mind la, as long as the spirit is there, rite? but my forearms were hurts. sakit gile. bengkak n ada petechiae.. abes je main volley, i went home and change to bj kurung, ready to go yuni's house. i drove there, a bit sesat but finally reached at about 1pm. mkn2, kena interrogate (seriously!), amek2 gmbr, borak2.. then gerak to bukit jalil for kak khairun's openhouse plak. smpi there at around 6.30pm, mkn2, amek gmbr.. solat maghrib kat surau then ready to gerak to sunway college. while waiting for yuni to come to BJ, we lepak2 at the lorry. rindu mkn2 kt lorry tu esp the nasi lemak ayam berempah but have to simpan perut for dinner, hehe.. bile yuni dah smpi, we went to sunway college. the dinner was good, rupenye dinner tu pn utk meraikan en. suhaizal yg dah tuka keje. sedey nye.. dah xde lecturer lelaki lg yg jd advisor sahabat society. n dah xde org lg yg nk menceriakn sahabat society tuh.. sobsob... after the dinner, we slept over at yuni's house. letak je kepala atas bntl, tros tertido.. penat sgt..

ni kt umah yuni

kat umah kak khairun

at snwy coll, wif ustzh yazil n atikah

the next day, 4/11, me n azi went back to BJ. i wanna play boling with other MSoc members tho my hands were stil hurt. semangat duh.. kasem won the 1st game n i won the 2nd. seronok. abes je boling, perut da lpr gile, we went to izzah's house lak for lunch. sesat? hehe.. xde la sesat sgt, jus slh amek susur keluar je. jumpe jugak akhirnya. izzah's mom made laksa penang!! sedap bangat! dah lama x mkn laksa penang.. (rindu nk balik penang, huhu~) nabia also went to izzah's house. since i always ask nabia to jemput us to her house, she finally invited us. so, we moved to nabia's house lak, for tea. lepak2 sana agak lama la. then around 6pm we went out. i had to drive back to yuni's house coz i left my beloved camera there. how careless i am :( after dah amek camera, we went back to seremban!! x besh nya the feeling nk blk seremban. i always hate it when i have to go back to srmbn, eversince i was in TKC lagi.. huhu~ dah la ujan was very heavy, nk nmpk jln pn susah. sabar je la..
sampi umah je, dah penat. took shower n solat everything, tros tdo. maka berakhirla episod jln2 cari makan versi farah n azi... perut mmg penuh je in those 2 days.. rezeki free, jus kna duit isi minyak n kudrat utk drive je.. berbaloi sgt, sbb dpt jumpa ramai kwn, imu staff n lecturers in Snwy dulu. kire merapatkn ukhwah la. yippee happy!!

luv this pic, colourful gurls at izzah's place

*why my hand was bandaged??