Saturday, January 27, 2007

satu hari yg cemerlang

ahaqs! hari yg cemerlang? i supposed i shud hav described it as "a very2 hectic hari yg cemerlang".. best gell semalam. why?

Friday, 26jan07
8am: woke up, took shower, had breakfast
9am: start our (azi, yuni n me) journey to kl convention center for pameran kegemilangan sains dlm tamadun islam.. haha..nk smpi awal sbb nk dpt cenderahati =)
10am: we reached klcc. straight went to the pameran site. tgk2 brg2 pameran. amek2 gambar. suro volunteers tu cite kt ktrg. heh, tau sgt drg tu hafal je info..ayat skema gile..
11.45am: azi got to go see her friend so she made a move first. there left me n yuni. perut dh brgendang minta diisi. we decided to eat at pakcik. x sempat nk tggu cabutan bertuah (bertuah ke saya? hehe) n buat the quiz pn. x kisahla..
1pm: finally smpi jugak ke IMU. had lunch. yuni has class at 1.30 so i went back to vista. ngntuk but can't sleep.
2.30pm: waited for yuni, wani n her friend in front of the IMU. huh~ lama jugak daku menunggu. seb baik ada sudoku dlm handphone, xde la boring sgt. just ngntuk je.
3.10pm: start our (yuni, wani, cheng kwn wani n me) journey to kemensah.. wonder jugak, kt blkg zoo negara tu ada tmpt yg masih belom di'nodai' ke? in kl? hmm...
3.30pm: smpi dpn zoo ngr entrance.. err.. sy blom penah masuk zoo ngr *malu*.. slalu g zoo tepeng je..
3.40pm: smpi dlm isi rimba camping site.. cam best.. dh bley dgr bunyi air sungai, nmpk stream yg kecik2..
4.00pm: hehe... mula meredah utan dlm misi mencari air terjun.. according to cheng (org melayu yg bermata sepet n nama manja cheng; mmg sy confius dia ni malay ke chinese, ahaqs!), air terjun tu jauh, bout 2hours walking distance.. hah, mau pancit sy cmni. tapi xpe, ku kuatkan smgt demi nk jejak kaki dlm air sungai. hm, best gell la redah utan. dh lama x wat keje cmni. whaha, the best n malu part was masa ada pacat atas sluar.. diulangi, pacat atas sluar bkn atas kulit kaki.. terjerit sy! geli! terpikir lak bile la las time pacat pnjt kaki ek? masa kt padang or bendang masa kecik2 dulu kot.. hmm..lamanya~ pastu, amek gmbr byk2 on the way tu.
4.30pm: cheng suro patah balik sbb takut kalo lama sgt nnt dah gelap n susah nk cr jln blk. we decided to walk back using jln sungai. yea!! boleh jejak kaki dlm sungai! apelagi, ktrg bukak kasut n redah je air sungai. sakit jugek tapak kaki ni, melecet sbb main pijak je batu n pasir sungai..ahh, x kesah! tapi masa angkt sluar tu br terperasan ada kesan darah kt pangkal betis.. euw! kene gigit pacat gak! seb baik x nmpk sndr pacat tu hisap darah, dh kenyang agaknye pacat tu, tros terjatuh.. bygkan pacat gemuk..ieeyee..
5.30pm: ktrg bincang ngn kak had pasal camping project ni, the budjet n everything la.. hmm.. bertmbh peningla yuni nk pk mana nk cekau duit byk2 utk wat project ni..bile yuni pening, sy pn ikut pening la..heh
7.15pm: we finished discussing. ok, wani nk belanja cheng mkn kt chicken hartz.. sy ikut je. afterall, i'm hungry!
9pm: we reached sunway pyramid.. i miss pyramid n the memories while in SUC.. sweet kan.. hm, we finally smpi at chicken hartz aftr sesat jap. then mkn2 smpi nk pecah perut sy. nk berdiri straight aftr that pn susah ahaqs! mkn2 smbil borak2, tgk2 we were the last customers left there
10.30pm: balik vista!!
11pm: teman yuni blk umah dia jap. yuni mandi, solat. i slept while watching minority report, heh..
Saturday, 27jan07
12am: blk my house. i took shower. aftr that, i transfered all the pics we took while in isi rimba.. whaha.. lawak gile bila tgk balik video yg wani recorded, esp yg ada pacat atas sluar tu.. i nvr knew u were recording at that time! if not, sure sy dh control macho, ahaqs!
1am: after dh nk pecah perut gelakkan video ktrg n kenyang yg amat sgt, lights off...

special thanx to:
wani: for taking us to isi rimba, n belanja mkn at chicken hartz.. best! nx time bley buat lagi =)
cheng: for driving us to isi rimba, n layan kerenah ktrg yg jarang masuk utan ni hehe..
yuni: for bawak aku teman ko jln2, cr air terjun tp x jumpa, n teman aku g pameran sains islam mendahului zaman

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

while writing a report

ngeh.. few days of 'sewel day'.. lain org cakap, lain kita paham n jawab.. this has happened since before the bowling tournament.. why ah? is it because i din concentrate/ listening to what ppl said or is it just my mistake of interpreting what other ppl meant? hehe.. ppl wished me gud luck for renal exam, i thot it was for bowling.. fruits as dessert i thot they are for prizes.. aiyak.. wake up farah! berpijak dibumi nyata.. but this so-called-sewel syndrome is not only me who has it but azi also has it. it is contagious kot ahaqs!

hm.. i got a bouquet of ferrero rocher from masni as my belated birthday present (2006). n the next sunday i got a present from shazwan for my birthday. remember i said my besday in hijriah was on the 1st muharram? hehe.. din expect to get 1 but he did surprised me. lawak gile bile teringat balik how we exchanged presents, bersaksikan aziah razak, di saat hujan mula rintik2.. nak balik vista ke nk continue jln2 ke bkt jalil.. seb baik x tros jln2 sbb aftr that ujan mmg lebat gile.. ktrg g mamak kt sri petaling n stranded there til the rain stopped. hehe.. nway, thanx shazwan! really appreciate that book..
that nite, adibah noor won the juara lagu ke-21. best!! tp x concentrate sgt tgk juara lagu tu sbb borak je lebih.. <--kalo dh namanya pompuan kan...

ferrero rocher from masniroszaime... nyumnyum...

masni n i, in the komuter

book n bookmark given by shazwan

okla, i hav to finish the bowling tournament report..can't remember when was the las time i write a report.. so dh taktau nk start cmne. tapi kena buat jugak, nnt secretary bising, ahaqs!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

tahun baru 1428

morning! hehe.. awal gell bgn today, sakit perut+xleh tido dah. yesterday was a partially hectic day. why partially? morning till jus before the exam i din really study. i can't concentrate to lect notes anymore. so, me n yuni byk jugakla bergosip, from tv program to medic life..haha.. not to forget, the nite b4 exam, fiqah, azi, shkn, fiza n me, every1 gathered in front of the tv to watch cinta medik, cari menantu n what women want. it was like there is no exam the next day! then, after zohor prayer, me, yuni, nabia n azi were quite late for the exam.. i din manage to sit at my usual place during exam =( but stil, the place i sat yesterday not so bad. the exam was quite okla, but up til now, i stil din satisfy wif the questions n my own answers! the prostate, external urehtral sphincter (which i wrote sumthing else), the 2nd ospe pics...arghh! after subuh this morning, i opened moore anatomy book to check the answer.. huhu~ obviously my answer was wrong..

then, the best and tense part came. after the exam, me, azi, nabia n shkn rushed to the care4 for the bowling tournament. bowling? hehe..second time in a week, i know. since i was the 'project manager', i had to manage every1 n every group. n i hate doing things in rush. x puas la main n the tournament din go very smooth.. hmmph.. x pela. i did my best. thnx esp to yuni n azi, u two helped me a lot. n thnx also for discussing notes wif me b4 exam. it did help me during the answer. (heh, ter-emo la plak)

oh ya.. today is 20jan 2007 = 1muharram 1428, which is shazwan's besday in masihi calendar, n mine in hijriah calendar. HAPPY BESDAY to us, hehe... poyo la plak... can't join u guys to rumah solehah la. aftr this i'm going to midval to meet masni. miss u la masni. lama gell x jumpa. harap lyana balik je baru kita jumpa ek.. sian ko, aku asyik exam je.nak wat cmne, budak medic kan.. aritu kennok balik x sempat jumpa dia jugak..

nway, selamat tahun baru!! semoga tahun baru ni lebih baik dr yg sebelumnya. hope i can b a better daughter, student n muslimah..amiin...

"Wahai Tuhanku, kurniakanlah kepadaku sisiMu keturunan yg baik, sesungguhnya Engkau sentiasa mendengar (menerima) doa permohonan." (Al-Imran:38)

Sunday, January 14, 2007


yea! i'm happy today. why? hehe.. i got to bowl after 1year++ didn't touch the bowling ball.. i joined hostel members for their sem5 farewell party today. we played at megalane sri petaling. during the first game, i was soo bad that everytime i bowled, it surely went into the longkang/drain (uh, is it a proper word for it?).. aiyak, i lost my 'midas touch' already. didn't bowl for a long time. i was nearly give up since my score was among the lowest for the first game. furthermore, i had stomachache.. huhu~ so sedey that time. my own point is 72 (malu gile). our whole team points was only 293 kot. my teammates were nabia, iefa n husna. haha..we were all bad la. other teams scored more than 400. that is how bad we were.
then, everyone started their second game. when my turn, tada! i made a strike! waa.. so excited. nasib baik x melompat2 kat lane tuh. then, nabia n iefa also managed to get strikes. after that, we were all ok la. i think, my best part was i did triple continuos strikes+multiple spares.. i got my 'midas touch' back!! i am so happy. overall, my points was 176. it was slightly below my own record, which is 185. then, my team's point was around 436.. yeah, not so bad since iefa is just a real beginner, first timer, nabia only played for 2nd time, i dunno bout husna. heh, she gave up earlier and we end-up by playing for her turn. to iefa n nabia, next time we'll play again ok. for fun, no stress, wif other batchmates =)
after the bowling, we had our lunch at the shakey's. kenyang gile makan mushroom soup, garlic bread, pizza, fried chicken, n ice-cream.. mmg xleh berdiri straight after makan, hehe.. then, acara penyampaian hadiah.. i won one of the prizes.. =) i was soo happy. it was soooo worth it paying only rm12 for 2 games of bowling n food at the shakey's. thanx hostel members for allowing me to join u guys, n sorry i won it, haha.. kidding la.

okla, that's all for now. nak study. td aftr smpi umah, i slept til 5pm.. capek bangat.. huhu~kene cover balik sume lect notes yg x dibaca.. *sigh*

Saturday, January 13, 2007

renal oh renal

hmm.. another 5days to renal system exam.. and i'm here, rite in front of the computer n tv, trying to read lecture notes but failed (of course la).. tgh dibuai lagu2 VE yg mendayu2, chatting wif kuchai yg jauh di melbourne.. i'm soo lazy to study. guess i'm not so into nephrology kot. kidneys, in malay we call buah pinggang or ginjal, quite small yet so important in our body.. last week i went to a haemodialysis center in jln lekir (or lekiu i forgot).. so pity for them who have their kidneys failed to function. i stil can remember the first time i met a haemodialysis patient. that was the day i had to take computer test for driving licence. i was early that morning, n there was a guy around my age already waiting there. he was wearing a long sleeve t-shirt. since no one else was there, so i talked to him. as the morning gets hotter, he pulled up the sleeve n there! i saw his arm, i was astonished and shocked. innocently i asked him, what is that? he said that was for haemodialysis. he had renal failure since he was 19 kot. stil young n not studying anymore.. so kesian. actually his father didn't really allow him to take driving licence but what to do. he can't just depends on his parents to take care of him, he said so. he wanted to b independent. so nice of him.. after the test i nvr see him again. i dunno where is he now. may Allah bless him..

so, Alhamdulillah, i'm lucky my kidneys r still well functioning n i hope they will always functioning. i luv coffee so much, eat titbits that contain MSG, n also salty food. yeah, that's bad for kidneys.. so ppl, if u luv ur kidneys, plis avoid these kind of food. hehe..

farah, chaiyuk!! go study! exam n sem5 are just around the corner!
*yea, esok nak main boling! best2!*

Saturday, January 06, 2007

fallen in luv.. opps!

whaha... arini mmg melagho abes! fiq n i went to bukit bintang area from 11am till 4pm.. actually we planned to go to low yatt plaza cos i wanted to survey rsmmc for my handphone. since we reached hang tuah lrt station around lunch hour, we were soo hungry so we ate at timesquare first. after eating we jln2 n surveyed camera. what happened to my camera? huhu~ dah cacat.. the tempt letak bateri dh kopak, n now cannot even on the camera.. so i really2 want a camera. x best la guna hp je, x puas.. fiqah's camera also dh rosak n now is at the kedai to fix it. back to the camera we surveyed just now, fiqah is in love with a sony camera, a very nice blue camera. i pulak fallen in luv with a nikon (L3) 5.1mp camera. it costs rm699 but when we bargained, a guy in a shop in lowyatt plaza gave us rm640, together with the batt, charger, 1mb mmc, tripod.. complete set la.. waa.. i want it!! but dun hav money yet.. bile scholar nk kuar? i can't ask money from my parents. x berani...i guess, lmbt lg la i can buy it :(

yerterday pon i went out. me, azi, iefa n fiza went to midval. iefa ajak tgk muvi tentang bulan. since i also want to watch that muvi, so i agreed la. me, azi n iefa watched the muvie but fiza went sumwhere else to find sumbody's birthday present. that muvi not bad, but there was sumthing missing but dunno what. entah, mcm ada sumthing la.. i like the tomboy girl ila. her acting was natural compared to the others. tentang bulan is not so bad for a children muvie, but can b improved next time.

hm.. malas nye nk study renal nih.. pening la.. sem5 jus finished their EOS today.. bestnye.. hope they'll pass their exam with flying colours. sem3's OES will start nx week. gud luck to all! esp es, dhania, hanif, zul, mahadi! i know u guys can do it! have faith ok!

Monday, January 01, 2007


Salam aidiladha to all Muslims n happy new year 2007! my parents r bz outside cos we're having a 'qurban feast' or kenduri korban senang cite. my parents shared wif our neighbours for this qurban. hm.. it has been a long time since i last 'appeared' in public, i.e my neighbours. masa kupas bawang semalm: "ni anak Mala ka? sapa nama taktau"..haha.. not their fault. i'm only home during school holidays, the rest i'll b in kl. "bila hg nk abes blajaq? tu dia, 2010, lama lagi no".. hehe.. yup, stil a loooong way to go. plis pray that i'll finish it on time..

many relatives from my father's came. berkereta2! even some i dunno their name, just familiar wif their face. tu pun x semua dijemput. this is just a small feast, share wif the neighbours. just imagine if this is my wedding feast (just imagine OK), how many people will come? plus with my mom's side which obviously i dun recognise them except the uncle muncle (i learnt this word from ijat) n cousins.. haha.. mau berbas2 dtg from johor tuh..

what i mean here is i have to get to know my family members n neighbours.. if anything happened, it is easier to get help n give help. not only that, if we r having feast like this again, takde la org tanya "hang anak sapa?" lagi.. hehehe...betui dak? but, it's easier said than done rite? camne tuh.. hmm..