Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Quick survey

1. Last time u watched a movie in the cinema?
End of Dec 2007, watched ‘Enchanted’. Second last was ‘Ratatouille’ movie in August. See how long the gap is?

2. Last time u went to Midvalley?
End of Dec 2007

3. Last time u went to KLCC?
Sumwhere in August 2007, with Dura.

4. Last time u really shop?
Seriously can’t remember. Now only go supermarket to buy groceries

5. Last time u went to uncle/auntie’s house in KL?
In November 2007, to Achik’s house in Putrajaya

6. Last Korean series u follow on tv?
X ingat la.. maybe the last was b4 starting clinical school

7. Last English series u follow on tv?
ANTM cycle 6. That’s all. Now trying to follow supernatural season 2 but it seems to become more ridiculous. dunno whether shud follow or not.. hmm..

8. Series that u won’t miss in a week?
SpaQ. Dunia Baru. Hoho.. itupun slalu miss gak sebenarnye.

Forsythia’s verdict: yeah I know.. my life is dull n boring.. i think if someone measure my stress hormone level now, it maybe shoot up. EXAM in nx 2 days!!! So, sape nk belanje sy tgk muvi or main bowling after my exam? For therapeutic purpose la.. Ahaqs! (*_^)V

Saturday, January 26, 2008



Good Luck in ur future undertakings!!

Hopefully when we see each other in next 3 years, we r already competent doctors, ameen...

Take greatest care of urselves!

TLC dari bumi Seremban :)

Friday, January 25, 2008


it's a sad day
everything went wrong
i slept less than 5 hours
doing minutes that i shudn't do
woke up early
to realize that my camera's memory card din work
worst is my CFCS patient's pics r stil in it
(have to present theme 2 tomorrow!!)
n fighters gath pics also stil not transfered yet
ok.. luckily milo already transfered them in her laptop
later can get it from her

at 8am
i went to the ward
no other grup members were there
i was thinking, am i too semangat?
or too lurus to come on 'no CP' day?
hoho.. they were at the OT
waiting for me b4 they can go inside
so there i went, meet my grupmates
changed into OT uniform
feel like naked *ergh*
stayed in the frozen, cold 18degree celcius OT
for 5 hours! watching cystoscopy n AR of rectosigmoid Ca
my fingers n toes were numb n blue
n i was shivering
to make things worst
the patient din do bowel prep
so the stool kept coming out like waterfall
and the whole OT smell like shit *ew*
during half of the operation
after the operation
Mr. P called me
"girl, go wear disposable glove n come with me
i want u to remember these figures for me ok"
after he measured the tumour in the sigmoid colon:
"i have finished with it,
if u want to play with it, play la"
off he went out

i had a quick lunch before TBL
(still have appetite despite the surgery)
whoa... the surgeons were still inside the OT
tak tahan!

in the evening
i installed kaspersky antivirus
given by milo
sumhow, i managed to install it
but with difficulty
i can YM
but cannot surf the net
y? y? y?
milo cannot online early at nite
duis also din online
others cannot help me cos they dunno
dunno wut else to do
felt tired, physically n mentally
i fell asleep in front of the laptop
very early
n slept soundly as a baby
even azi open my door i din hear
duis's msg was ignored
i off the laptop
change my position into the bed
till the next morning :)

forsythia say: i dun mind staying in the freaking cold OT, cos finally i got to 'play' with the sigmoid colon! hehehe...sabar itu separuh daripada iman... lainklali, stay je dlm OT tu sampai surgery abes, ok? hehe.
n to milo, i dun wanna put the colon (usus besar) pic here, nnt ko takut nk dtg blog lagi plak, ahaqs!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

cyst kah?

today we had an sopd session with Mr. SP at republic PD. hoho.. funny. i indeed 'argued' with the surgeon on sebaceous cyst. i told him that i saw a sebaceous cyst, on the PALM!! wait.. what is a sebaceous cyst actually? it is a collection of sebum within a blocked sebaceous@oil gland la basically. and as a matter of fact, there is no sebaceous gland on the palm and sole. correct me if i'm wrong. if there is no sebaceous gland there, how on earth a cyst can appear there? that is why the surgeon did not agree with me when i told him about the location of the cyst i saw. i even showed him the picture in my hp. but i am quite confirmed, it is a sebaceous gland.. huhu~ fiqah, it is rite? the one we saw Dr. Is excised it in his clinic? iskiskisk... x caye? see here

after the session, tuck kit wanted to bring us to a kopitiam in PD town his brother recommended, kopitiam pak lang. whaha.. adventurous! we sesat at first but finally found the way. i guess we were just not lucky today. after spent time sesat in the hot afternoon, the kopitiam is closed! it stated there "tutup pada 16Jan08, satu hari sahaja". gasp! seriously, no luck! why today? huhu.. instead, we had our lunch at a Malay restaurant in a mara building kot. wuteva la.. stil have next time, rite frens?

quote of the day: "farah, u r very persistent. u really argue with him la. i thot u will just say i'm wrong" -Aaron. oppss! can't help it.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

tekateki tekatekuk

ehehe.. i clerked a 13 year old boy presented with something that is uncommon among his age group yesterday. forget about his chief complaint la. i just wanna share riddles he asked me while i was clerking him.

Riddle 1.
Patient : akak, nak dgr teka-teki x?
Forsythia: hm.. boley je. tanya la
Patient : sebelum kita turun bas, apa kita kena buat?
hoho.. i answered everything i can guess but i was wrong all the way!

Riddle 2.
Patient : ada lagi satu teka-teki. akak nk dgr x?
Forsythia: OK. ape dia?
Patient : bertopi kuning, bukan arkitek. berkot putih, bukan doktor. berekor tapi bukan haiwan. ape dia?
what went into my mind at first was 'phua chu kang', but he has yellow boots, not yellow hat.. ahaha.. then i asked for a clue. the clue that he gave me was "sedap". so, what is the answer? :)

Forsythia's verdict: it's true that we can learn A LOT from patients.. from medicine to simple things that we always take that for granted.. jus make good friends with them, heheh.. to that adik, thanks for the riddles. u made my day at the ward yesterday quite fun. semoga cepat sembuh n good luck in your future undertakings!

anyone knows the answers? the answers will be revealed in a few days :)

Friday, January 11, 2008


azi: nape ngan ko ni frh? lately cam semacam je..
fiqah: ape kene ngn ko?

ehehe.. i'm totally fine. dun worry.. n thanx for ur concern :) (blame it on the hormone, ahaqs!)

maka, utk nk menambahkan kegilaan ini, here i wanna share a lyric, OST ayat2 cinta, by Rossa.. (x aci, dura ada its videoclip, but i can't open it, dun have the latest realplayer la) thnx to duis for sending me the song. i'm luving it!!

OST Ayat-Ayat Cinta
Munsyid : Rossa

Desir pasir di padang tandus
Segersang pemikiran hati
Terkisah ku di antara cinta yang rumit

Bila keyakinanku datang
Kasih bukan sekadar cinta
Pengorbanan cinta yang agung
Ku pertaruhkan

Maafkan bila ku tak sempurna
Cinta ini tak mungkin ku cegah
Ayat-ayat cinta bercerita
Cintaku padamu
Bila bahagia mulai menyentuh
Seakan ku bisa hidup lebih lama
Namun harus ku tinggalkan cinta
Ketika ku bersujud

Bila keyakinanku datang
Kasih bukan sekedar cinta
Pengorbanan cinta yang agung
Ku pertaruhkan

Repeat Reff

Ketika ku bersujud

p/s: congrats to all sem5 students who passed their exam! welcoming C108 to clinical school! :)

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Satu Empat Dua Sembilan

Alhamdulillah.. tahun baru hijrah sudah tiba. sy n azi sempat membaca doa akhir and awal tahun ptg td. hm, saat ini pd thn lps, sy dan rakan2 berada di tmpt boling Endah Parade, 1st ever MSoc Bowling Tournament. siangnye ada exam Renal System. erghh.. mmg x concentrate abesla buat exam tu. tp xpe, what's done is done. kita mesti jalan ke depan, ye tak. semoga tahun baru 1429 ini memberi lebih makna kepada diri sy n rakan2. btw, it's my birthday in Hijri calendar la kirenye. new year baby 20++ tahun lepas, ahaqs! owh, maal hijrah thn lps pon ada byk kenangan manis lain lagi :)

hari ni, my grupmates were assigned to go to SOPD in HPD. uhuh.. mmg sgt malas at first, ye la, we were supposed to be 'free' today but since Datuk K.... asked us to follow his SOPD, terpaksa la pegi. well, it was not bad at all. we learnt a lot today. we saw inguinal hernia in a 9 y/o girl, phymosis in a 15 months boy, and an old lady with varicose veins. i think these cases are not commonly seen everyday. we were quite lucky la. praise to God.. besides them, we also indirectly learnt about how birocratic government departments can be. too bad! but we have to learn it if we have to work with the government. (reminding myself that i have TEN years contract with government, uhuh) and we learnt new word from Datuk K, "republik port dickson".. ahaha.. he was sooo funny today. even the part when he was not happy with the room arrangement also funny (despite scary). so kesian sape yg kna sound dgn dia.. even a lawyer also cannot bangkang what he said. ish3..

tomorrow is a holiday. yeay! i have finished the CSCR. another yeay! yeay yeay! hehe... oh ye.. saya stil blom transfer gmbr from camera.. sgt malas.. by the time gmbr di upload, misti da 'basi'..

Papepon, salam maal hijrah 1429 to all Muslims out there! spread good deeds everyone!!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Jln2 day

hm.. been very lazy to on the laptop lately. many things has happened for the past 1 week; the very first week of 2008. mostly happy things la :)
1st Jan I went to the Mines, met my beLOVEd tkc frens. whaha.. the not-so-well-planned small gath (guess who was the organizer? ahaqs!) became not so small considering 10 ppl were there. nice! even syidol the IT consultant n anis the emigresen girl yg dah lama gell x jumpa, turned up. been almost 5 years since i last saw them. my ex-deskmate, future engineer ephi also was there. last time i met her was a few weeks b4 she went to NZ. daia (lupakan yg lain) is stil the loud person I knew. dah keje dah dia. linda waliyon, a teacher to be said, 'frhyh, last time aku jumpe ko kt midval dulu ko tembam..' ngehehe.. srmbn made me lost weight. milo, biqs n ct dah slalu sgt jumpa, asal ada gath je, muke ni yg slalu turn up. good, keep up girls! last but not least, the sweet masni!! sy syg awak!

then, during the weekend I went to a tamrin. we started with 'explorace' from fakulti perubatan UPM to bkt. cherakah, shah alam. on the way there, I saw shikin's house. rindu plak kt dia.. hm, the tamrin was great tho I missed 2 slots. di saat2 emosi x stabil, tamrin ni mmg membuka mata telinga sy. seronok, n terasa diri ini xdela useless sgt (refer previous entry) cos everyone wl feel the same thing at some points of their life. life n iman ni ada naik turunnye, it's just that we hv to tackle it wisely so that we won't hanyut (can't think of other word). hhmm...

n today, I was supposed to go to endoscopy room. unfortunately, there r only 2 endo rooms at HTJ, 1 was occupied by the sem9 n the other room, my 3 other grupmates went in there. so, Tuck Kit n me were left out. ergh.. dunno where to go so I asked him to follow me to the venepunture room. on the way there, we singgah at histopath n cytology unit. we managed to see a Dr cut a gastric specimen into small pieces for HPE. nice! after that, dunno where else to go. the venepunture room was so crowded and we felt like all patients were looking at us when we opened the door. conscious la! then we turned back at walked without arah tujuan. suddenly I saw a sign show 'unit forensik'. great! this is what I was looking for, to see an autopsy. (sad rite, 3rd year med student never saw an autosy before). n we were lucky (the cadaver n his family were unlucky), we got to see an autopsy. it was an MVA case, so the conclusion of the autopsy was quite easy; multiple organ damage. kesianla.. insaf sekejap. anytime je Allah boleh tarik nyawa kita, or other nikmat2 lain. manusia je yg x pandai bersyukur n menghargai. we only realize after we lost it.. (peringatan utk diri sendiri jugak)..

for this surgery posting, we have to submit 2 case summaries and 1 case report by end of this week. so lazy to find the learning issues! help me!!

p/s: camera is in the car. nx time wl post the gath n tamrin picts