Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Satu Empat Dua Sembilan

Alhamdulillah.. tahun baru hijrah sudah tiba. sy n azi sempat membaca doa akhir and awal tahun ptg td. hm, saat ini pd thn lps, sy dan rakan2 berada di tmpt boling Endah Parade, 1st ever MSoc Bowling Tournament. siangnye ada exam Renal System. erghh.. mmg x concentrate abesla buat exam tu. tp xpe, what's done is done. kita mesti jalan ke depan, ye tak. semoga tahun baru 1429 ini memberi lebih makna kepada diri sy n rakan2. btw, it's my birthday in Hijri calendar la kirenye. new year baby 20++ tahun lepas, ahaqs! owh, maal hijrah thn lps pon ada byk kenangan manis lain lagi :)

hari ni, my grupmates were assigned to go to SOPD in HPD. uhuh.. mmg sgt malas at first, ye la, we were supposed to be 'free' today but since Datuk K.... asked us to follow his SOPD, terpaksa la pegi. well, it was not bad at all. we learnt a lot today. we saw inguinal hernia in a 9 y/o girl, phymosis in a 15 months boy, and an old lady with varicose veins. i think these cases are not commonly seen everyday. we were quite lucky la. praise to God.. besides them, we also indirectly learnt about how birocratic government departments can be. too bad! but we have to learn it if we have to work with the government. (reminding myself that i have TEN years contract with government, uhuh) and we learnt new word from Datuk K, "republik port dickson".. ahaha.. he was sooo funny today. even the part when he was not happy with the room arrangement also funny (despite scary). so kesian sape yg kna sound dgn dia.. even a lawyer also cannot bangkang what he said. ish3..

tomorrow is a holiday. yeay! i have finished the CSCR. another yeay! yeay yeay! hehe... oh ye.. saya stil blom transfer gmbr from camera.. sgt malas.. by the time gmbr di upload, misti da 'basi'..

Papepon, salam maal hijrah 1429 to all Muslims out there! spread good deeds everyone!!


At 10:46 PM, Blogger fiQah said...

i know what u got last maal hijrah :)
happy birthday

and happy new year..

At 5:57 PM, Blogger farahiyah said...

ngehe.. thanx!
ey, cmne nak pos adiah ko ni? da berabuk da dlm bilik aku ni..


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