Tuesday, February 20, 2007

ekspedisi gunung nuang

hehe.. now i'm already in penang, after a few days deprived of technologies. it all started a few weeks ago when i recieved sms from yuni while i was in pontian. the sms was about ustazah yazilmiwati asking us to join our juniors in sunway college climbing gunung nuang. i was like, "what's that place? where is it?" ahaqs! never heard bout it, nvr climbed even a hill (except bukit komanwel hehe).. but thinking of the excitement and experiences that i wl gain, i accepted the offer.

a few days before going there, i planned to jog but haha.. hopeless! it's either i'm too tired of going out sumwhere else or i was too lazy =) so i went there unprepared in terms of physical strength..

so, on friday 16feb 07, we gathered at sunway coll first b4 going to gunung nuang. oh ya, gunung nuang is sumwhere near sg chongkak, hulu selangor. it's about 2 hours journey from snwy. quite far la.. we departed at 5.30pm n reached there around 7.45pm. aftr solat, dinner, ice-breaking (we;me, yuni, azi, asma' n kak fiza, were supposed to be fasi) n all, we slept in a chalet.. have a good rest b4 climbing the mountain..Zzz..

saturday 17feb, we woke up b4 6am, get ready for solat n breakfast as we planned to start the journey at 7.30am.. unfortunately, it was raining since dawn.. alaaa.. camne nk daki kalo ujan nih? n the surrounding was still dark.. then, tnggu cerah sket, around 8 lebey baru ktrg move. whaha.. the journey was not easy!! mau patah kaki saya tau!! penat gile bila part naik bukit. dgn ujannye lagi. mmg mencabar la bagi saya.. maybe it was because that was my first time climbing, n i wasn't so prepared physically.. heh, tu la, kata nk joging tp x joging2 jugak... but alhamdulillah, despite all the lecak, licin, we managed to reach camp lolo; 1st stop at gunung nuang before 12pm.. it was stil raining but not that heavy. so, sampai2 je tros pasang khemah. heh, walaupun x pandai tapi pandai2 kan diri jela. takkan nak harap dak laki je buat kerja, pompuan pn boleh tau.. after everything is settled, we solat, ate, rest, mandimanda.. around 2pm, ada 1 grup akan naik to the puncak as planned. saya malas n penat sgt, so xnak naik.. let the rest go first la.. so till late nite, we just sat there, around the fire, n borak2 wif the juniors. heh, terasa dh 'besar' bila they called us 'kakak'. at 2am kot, the grup yg naik atas tu baru smpai bawah balik. every1 looked so exhausted, ngn busuknya. peluhla.. hehe..

sunday18, aftr bgn pg tu, ada another grup yg nk naik puncak.. after breakfast je they tros start climbing.. we yg x ikut ni just stay at the campsite, borak2, mandimanda.. whaha.. i luv main air sungai. kt penang tu mana ada sungai yg best. trasa lama sgt x mandi sungai ngn famili. miss those moments.. nway, after zohor, the grup smpi bwh blk dah.. yea! we can go home early!! my mind was in penang already. i jus thot of "can i wake up the nx morning? my bus is at 9am".. x kesahla kena pacat ke ape ke, saya nk balik umah!! hehe.. so after asar we all sume start turun gunung after dah kemas2.. again, kami meredah ujan masa turun gunung.. best la bile dh smpi bwh gunung.. terasa sgt lega.. :) sampi kt bwh, ustazah dah ada wif the food. yeah, i was soo hungry n tired n sweating.. nikmatnya dpt makan.. after mkn, ktrg bertolak balik vista.. heh, since i was soo tired, i slept during the journey. tau2 je dh sampi vista.. alhamdulillah...

monday19, huhu~ sumthing happened! i missed the bus! i dun hav money! i was soo scared! but alhamdulillah, i stil managed to go home safely.. huhu~ i can't forget this day!

*actually, i finished writing this post only 1months after the trip to gunung nuang.. hehe.. so lazy to online at vista*

Sunday, February 11, 2007

cerita 3 hari

"Manusia yang paling lemah ialah org yg tak sanggup cari teman dan yg paling lemah drpd itu ialah org yg mensia2kan teman yg telah diperolehinya" -Imam Al-Ghazali

Jumaat, 9Feb 07
dapat result renal system.. sedey sbb the result was not up to expectation.. but Alhamdulillah, i passed the exam despite my mind was quite distracted by bowling tournament (which was my fault). after took the result, azi n i went to PWTC to see the 'crime' exhibition n buy some books at the 'karnival membaca'.. best!! i bought 1 book...we had lunch at pizza hut at the mall.. kenyangnye..

Sabtu, 10Feb 07
as early as 8am, we went to Bndr Br Bangi by komuter. this was my first time going to a daurah.. best la though at first i was quite blur..hehe.. 1st slot was by kak sa: bengkel syahadatain, 2nd slot by kak im: big picture of tarbiyyah, 3rd slot by kak lini: 10 ciri peribadi Muslim.. Alhamdulilah.. semoga daurah ini menjadi titik mula utk sy mendalami Islam.. hmm..kak lini ada tnya, sapekah 10 shbt yg dijanjikan masuk syurga? sy tak tau! agak malu la..tp cm ramai je lg yg tatau kan..so, hehe.. ni sy senaraikan:

1) Saidina Abu Bakar al-Siddiq
2) Saidina Umar al-Khattab
3) Saidina Uthman b. Affan
4) Saidina Ali b. Abi Talib
5) Talhah b. Ubaidillah
6) Zubair b. al-Awwam
7) Abdul Rahman b. Auf
8) Saad b. Abi Waqqas
9) Saad b. Zaid
10) Ubaidah b. al-Jarrah

then, abes je daurah, azi, yuni n i went to old klang road, to so-p's house.. she invited us for a pre-CNY party. ok, since i am close to her, i wanna go la. then, when we arrived, we jus knew that it's her birthday!! so-p, how come u never told me??? guess wut she replied. "ur presence is my present".. so sweet of u so-p!! thanx anyway for inviting us. the food was marvellous!! i ate a lot! esp the lamb, hehe..

Ahad, 11Feb 07
uhuh..malas gile nak bgn pagi.. but azi dah ajak g low yat temankan dia.. ikut je la. lagipun xde mende nak buat kt umah nih.. so aftr watching Trollz (heh, yeah, i luv cartoon), we went there.. while waiting for the laptop to b ready, we jln2 at sg wang plaza n BB plaza.. jln2 cari hadiah for coming camping, n tgk2 camera.. argh, fiq n shiq dah beli camera, bila turn saya plak? bila jpa nk masukkn scholar? bak kata ijat: adik hg dh guna PDA, hg bila lagi? huhu.. sensitif la sebut psl duit now nih.. selagi scholar x masuk, sy xnk beli camera lagi. ada byk lg mende yg penting yg perlu dibeli/byr.. xpn beli buku lagi best, ahaqs!!

"manusia yg berakal ialah manusia yg suka menerima dan meminta nasihat" -Saidina Umar al-Khattab

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

doa back in college

Oh ALlah,
Most Gracious Most Merciful,
Open to us the path of knowledge,
Guide us to the true ways of Islam,
As you have manifested in the Holy Quran,
Let the knowledge that we have acquired be of benefit to all,
And we vow to seek knowledge till the end of our lives,
And to protect our beloved college,
With all YOUR mightiness,
Strengthen the bond between us,
And give us the endurance that we will require,
In spreading YOUR Holy Word,
May it prevail herein and hereafter...

hmm..this is the doa we d TKCian used to recite every wednesday.. how beautiful the doa is..never realized it since other ppl wll read it during the assembly.. hmm.. maybe i took things for granted without really menghayati isi doa tu.. heh, klakar la bile pk balik my time in tkc. frens come n go but memories stay.. sweet n sour in coll helped me to go trough this life with many types of people =) but FIGHTERSZ; i stil luv u gurls!! last week was our 9th anniversary of batch of 9802.. really miss our time together.. bila nak kecoh2 lagi ek? hehe..

usrah today was about 'generasi alQuran yg unik'. (cam sesuai ngn doa kat atas tu).. there was a generation called Ridhwanullahi alaihim, Rasulullah's sahabat, which was the most special generation ever. their source of ilmu was alQuran solely. so, their lifestyle n focus of life is purely for Allah the AlMighty.. what is happening now in our generation? our source of ilmu is intergrated with adat istiadat, n also with the so-called-modern-western-lifestyle.. hm, bila pikir balik, it's true laa.. we r now soo focus to success in duniawi only, for ukhrawi x ditekankan sgt.. since kecik kita mmg dah diajar cmtu kan.. kesan2 penjajahan ms dulu. now, modern jahiliyah.. lagi bahaya kan.. for me, kita, bila baca Quran, boleh. sedap didengar dgn lenggok lagu skali.. tapi bila disuruh menulis dah terkial2.. apelagi bila nk tau tafsir Quran tu sndiri.. lagi la ternganga, ye tak.. so, back to the isi usrah tdi, the main points r: 1) the source of ilmu should b the holy Quran, 2) the way we learn things shud b correct, x kisah slow n steady s long we know wut we r learning <-my own interpretation.. 3) we hav to leave behind all the perangai yg mcm org jahiliyah, x kira la old or modern jahiliyah.. which i think we r soo used to doing it in our daily lives, even today. yela, we the malays cannot run from adat, but if we hav the courage, boley kot.. insyaAllah..

okla, got to do selective presentation. so lazy la, + amy's n emily's form r not wif us.. x semangat sgt dah.. camne nih?