Monday, March 31, 2008


Ghost a whodunit with a twist - a girl tries to solve the mystery behind the death of a famous movie star- a star that she has always admired but hardly knows. So, why is she doing it? Is it because the ghost of the star she admires is telling her so? this part supernatural thriller, part romantic comedy blends different elements for an explosive mix.

yeah.. mantap! luv this series very very much. a Malay series yg sgt best. after Gol&Gincu, dah lama xde cite melayu yg best. thanks to khairunnisa my cousin (eh, my cousin's daughter actually) who introduced me to this series. I missed the first episode but luckily we can watch it online.

the story line is different from any other Malay series. psl zack imran yg kena bunuh, then dia jadi hantu. eza yg present at the crime scene plak bley nmpk n communicate with this hantu. hantu ni nak cari sape pembunuh dia la. along the journey, byk mende they discovered, and this hantu pon ada reflect his own behaviour dulu2. ok la, ada unsur2 tahyul tapi best! extra marks for the hensem ghost (ops!) yg x pnah berlakon drama lagi, this is his first experience but he looks very pro, x kaku macam sesetengah pelakon lain yg harap muke je hensem (ops!). hehe.. i luv both him (abg Nas) n cheryl :)

entah ape la ending cite ni next week. every episode ada twist dia sendiri sampai x bley nak agak sape pembunuh zack imran. sape ek? to those yg x pnah tgk kat 8tv tu, kalo nak tgk, g la online at 8tv. x rugi la, best!!! ada romantic, thriller, humour, everything in one. again, for dunno-how-many-times-already, cite ni mmg BEST!


Sunday, March 30, 2008

kg. angkat pics

adik2 dari Kg. Tekir

huhu~ nak tgk ABPBH tapi ada org tgk tv dah.. nak tgk kt internet, x dpt masuk websites, tv3, tv8 or even hotfm. nak study, dah malas, hehe.. so here I am end up with writing blog. hopefully I can watch GHOST at 10.30pm later. sabor je la...

nway, these r the pics I promised to upload before. quite basi but I dun care :) this was a kampung angkat visit to Kg. Tekir, Labu. it's a org asli village, not really far from Seremban town. the experience was GREAT! seriously. exposure to rural medicine.. tho at first I was quite sceptical, theeheehee... the best part was I did discover a 11 y/o boy with left lower sternal edge systolic murmur.. whee! n I was 'forced' to write a referral letter. fuhh.. serius x reti. tapi atas nasihat and tunjuk ajar Dr. Jimbo, berjaya jugak tulis, simple one la! =(^_^)=

dah malas nak cite so read more at Dr. Jimbo's blog

Zaim trying hard to listen to murmur

no clubbing

sheau yg with ishihara chart

Kasemsuk yg khusyuk

ada gaya paediatrician ke?

best buddies: nabia, azi, fiza n me. (iffah missing)

20 of us, without the 2 accompanied doctors

Keat How with his magic show

jom redah hujan!! balik!!

p/s: from Dr.Jimbo's blog- "future paediatrician?" well, i dun think so..


Saturday, March 29, 2008


can u imagine

-swallowing saliva stained with blood for almost 24hours?
-u can't really smile coz ur muscle can't contract fully at 1 side?
-u r hungry coz all u can eat is porridge?

huhu~ that's what i feel right now. yesterday i went to a dentist in KKS coz my left upper third molar tooth erupted abnormally (not in the right position la), and the left lower third molar tooth lak jus partially erupted, with a flap (operculum). so there i went to the dentist with the c/o sakit bila makan. really, each time i eat, i'll bite my inner cheek, sakit lerr.. the solution was either to extract the upper tooth coz it's 'not functioning' or take out the flap but i have to come back later la. so, i opted for tooth extraction. waaaaarghhhhh.. ngeri! not painful during the procedure but the aftermath is devastating.. hehe.. still bleeding a bit till now (a day after the procedure) i dun think i have any bleeding disorder.. mebi the artery still not contracted yet or anything.. x bestnyeh.. telan air liur terasa darah.. yeah, mebi i have to start on vampire diet kot, ahaqs! or jadi puteri bersiong. eiii!

hm.. sometimes i do ask myself y i want to b a medical doctor instead of a dentist? less worktime rite? hehe.. tapi xnak la.. i still wanna b a medical doctor. i never like dentists. hehe.. sorry dentists. to my dearest DURA, teruskan usaha menjadi dentist!! andalah harapan fightersz. ngehehe...

dentist-to-be dura n physician-to-be me, 14feb 06, just b4 going to watch PGLtM. best!!

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

x hangat

it's raining heavily outside. the whole day was very hot, now only it rains.

my day today was not good. ergh.. tensi. i'm sad, and at the same time, i'm angry. to whom? i'm not sure. am i angry at myself? or at the other person who gave the headache? luckily i have my mom and closest frens to cheer me up. tu pon towards at the end of the day. i have spent a few hours wasting my energy to think about it. tensi je. penat la camni... nak study pon x best. dah la esok kena present psl childhood brain tumour in front of Dr. CCW. scary! ahaqs!

kesimpulannya, hari yg sungguh x hangat.

*nanti2 la will upload pics during Kg. Tekir, Labu visit. xde mood dah nak cite. ni sume psl dia ni la.. ish3... sabar frh, sabar... =(^_^)=


Saturday, March 22, 2008


we (and other 20 ppl) r going sumwhere in Labu this afternoon... x sabarnyeh~


Thursday, March 20, 2008

yg merah itu saga

my mood today is as solemn as the weather outside. it has been gloomy and rainy all the week. at home, i'm so lazy to study. tahap cipan punya malas. plus hypersomnia. since the outside weather is so suitable for sleeping, tambah2 la ke-lazy-an itu, hehehe.. owh, today is a holiday too, Maulidur Rasul.. salam maulid nabi to all :)

hm.. i luv being in the paeds ward. maybe the aura of the kids makes me cheerful in there. provided if they're not sick anymore la, or those having the less severe illnesses. i feel young, hahaha.. (lawak gile la ni) kan best if we can turn to childhood again.

pure. naive. innocent. no worries. no stress. colourful. (all the good things la)

i spent my childhood in Tasek Gelugor, the good, the bad times. adolescent in Seremban (boarding school). young adulthood in KL and Seremban (again). yeah.. i'm still missing Tasek Gelugor. home tweet home.

but the reality is i'm turning 23 in this coming Sept. muda remaja lagi but stil not that young, ahaqs! more life challenges to b faced. aja aja fighting!!

i think 1 of the most memorable patients is discharged yesterday evening. a sweet 11 y/o boy. he looks normal, smile back when i smile to him. but he's special, Adik SS; he's deaf n mute. i dunno, i like to look at his face, pure, suci. maybe bcos he can't hear, and talk, he's "free" of sins of mengumpat or bersubahat mendengar perkara2 yg x elok la. insyaAllah.. well, i learnt a few sign languages from his father. so, i kinda can communicate with him, ahaqs! while having case presentation (CP), he came beside me and stand there, as if he can understand what we were talking about. sometimes he came to me while i was clerking patient too. main2 with my stuff in the pocket. yesterday morning he merajuk with his father, when i came to his bed and tried to console him, he did not turn to me at all. but after his father brought him down to the canteen, he came to me while i was with other patient. comel. hehe.. itu la dia, such a special boy :)

another young boy, Adik F, he was admitted a few weeks ago during our first week of posting, discharged and came back for further investigation. what is so special about him is he is very polite. he recognises azi n me as a "doctor" in the ward before. so, during the second admission, when he first saw us, he salam with us. owh.. terharu.. zaman skrg, bape ramai adik2 yg salam dgn org yg lebih tua? x ramai la.... good job Adik F!! semoga adik cepat sembuh. dah lama sgt awak dok spital ni :)

2 gmbr atas ni ialah semua biji saga yg dikutip d IMU. rasenye xde org lain dah yg kutip selain sy. warna merah itu cantik. i'm luving it!

kayla, get back to work. daa~


Sunday, March 16, 2008

All the best!!

to Mr. SAS (though i doubt u'll read this)

-Good luck in ur EOS (17-21/3/08)!
-knowing you, i know u can do it. have faith!
-cepat pass exam , cepat fly, cepatla balik Msia :)
-as u told me b4, TAWAKAL la yg membezakan org Islam dgn bukan Islam. so, do not worry if u have done the very best u can. gambate ku dasai!

hehe.. sori gambar agak tidak solehah.. tapi sy suke! :)

*ni doa yg sy slalu recite b4 every exam, the translation:

"...Dan sempurnakanlah bagi kami petunjuk yang lurus dalam urusan kami ini" 18:10
n 1 more is ayat seribu dinar (Quran 65:2-3)... so, all the best ya!!


Saturday, March 15, 2008


Alhamdulillah... i'm in the pink of health now. No more running nose, cough or suara sengau.

Need something or someone to drive me to study. Cepat gimme semangat nk study :) chaiyuk farah! dun waste time anymore.
hmm... menarik utk mengikuti perkembangan politik negara skrg. tapi lama2 cm da penat lak. ape nak jadi ngn Penang ku sayang ni? smlm ayah call just nak ckp 'akak xyah risau ngn apa yg jadi kat Penang skrg. xde pape la'. ye ayah, akak harap mmg xde pape la. rindu nak balik umah la..... x best dok srmbn....

ni pokok bunga Adenium arabicum, so-called the queen of thousand flower. sgt cantik kan? tapi susah nk jumpa kat msia, belum popular lagi. bunga2 ni sy sempat amek gmbr sblm layu. ada kat tepi rumah ayah tanam.

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Monday, March 10, 2008


huhu~ it's not usual for me to b sick tho staying in the wards for a long time. but this time, i'm sick, n it's so obvious. u'll know that it's too obvious when many ppl asked u "r u sick?" in the first instance they heard ur voice- suara sengau.. ahaqs! too bad la, my nose is blocked by thick phlegm a.k.a hingus.. sorry for the gross word, n imagination.. erghh...

anyway, this evening we had an SRC (student rep council) meeting regarding M108 orientation. after the meeting, AL, KT n me had a chitchat on political stuff, the hottest event happened last week; GE (general election). well, everyone knows the result, i shall not comment on it anymore. just hope for the best to come :)

hm, it so happened that we r also having a so-called election for the new junior member of SRC this week. *more headache* i always thought that politics r sumthing dirty, taknak masuk or involve in politik sebab politik tu kotor for me. but now, i'm in SRC, which i think is quite political. i dunno why, how, and what drove me to b an SRC member. it's a long story n i'm also not really sure n malas nak amek tahu. seriously my presence in this group of ppl is so not me. i think it's bcos of the ppl inside kot. tak serasi bersama.. haha.. did i regret? yup, sumtimes. haha.. tp nak wat cmne.. tahan je la for another at least 4 long months.. *sigh*

okla.. get back to work.. pening nye kepala.......


Sunday, March 09, 2008

Penangites hv decided

terkedu! terkejut! cam x percaya!

well, i did expect the opposition wl get more seats, but not to take over the whole Penang! ohoh.. apekah.. BN only won 2 Parliamentary seats, 1 in Kpl. Bts (P41:PakLah) n another 1 in my place, Tasek Gelugor (P42:Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop).. my DUN also won by BN candidate, N4 (Permatang Berangan):Shabudin Yahya, also in DUN Sungai Dua n Teluk Ayer Tawar. other parts of Penang are mostly won by DAP n PKR.. PKR in Pmtg Pauh was expected, but other places? hhmm........

INI WILAYAH BN- a banner in Pokok Machang, Tasek Gelugor :)

well, hopefully with new chief minister and state government, Penang (island+mainland) will develop more, without any discrimination, especially in the mainland. InsyaAllah...

*hoho~ best gak kalau toll naik jambatan (~rm7) n near Butterworth (blkg mahkamah, ~rm1.20 sekali lalu) tu dimansuhkan.. ahaqs!! tp duis ckp, berangan je la.. hehe

*nak beli newspaper tp dah abes mcm pisang goreng panas, tggl newspaper cina je, mane reti baca :( merata2 cari tp x jumpe @ 10.30am.. hmm, lambat sgt kah?


Thursday, March 06, 2008

patah kuku

today was the first time ever i play futsal. actually didnt plan to play but since not enuf player n want to try, why not, rite? summary in 4 words: sgt fun, sgt penat! heh.. to those yg nak maintain kurus n healthy, i suggest to play futsal. it's a team game, penat mmg la but it's FUN! nk byr harga court pon x byk sgt sbb bila split, the rate is still OK la.. excited main sbb terbyg2 cite gol&gincu. nmpk best je tgk drg main kan? hm.. perasan maintain ayu n cumil cm puteri, hehe :) miss the series..

hm, while i was too excited playing, suddenly i realized that my toe was painful, pulsatile in nature. uh? rupe2nya my toenail dah patah!!!! oh yes, i played with sandals, not sport shoes. sakit :( now i know the pain of kuku patah coz all this while asyik gelakkan duis je psl his grossly ingrown toenail. sori abg :) hm, should i take out the portion yg dah patah tu or leave it there? i'm afraid if i take it out, it'll bcome ingrown toenail pulak.. cmne ek?

kids say the darnest thing3:
pompuan pon main futsal? kalian mmg golongan perempuan ganas -duis


the mask

venue: kantin

fiza: farah, awat hg pakai mask? (mask tergantung kat leher)
frh : ops! lupe nk bukak ke.. alamak, maksudnya td ms jumpa Dr. ZZ pon mende ni ada? malunyeh...

ye.. tgh ada sorethroat n running nose x2/7. i wore the facemask in the need to prevent from infecting other children in the ward la. hoho~ in sem6 dulu, i was fine even in medical n surgical wards for 7 weeks each. now, just 2 days in paeds ward i already got sorethroat, running nose, n occasional cough.. ergh.. apekah maksudnya?

kids say the darnest thing2:

"taknakla jd genius, nnt jd cam patient td" -iffah
heh.. x la salah jd genius.. cuma kena la pandai control the stress. yg penting, ingat Tuhan :)


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

kids :)

Alisha merangkak (age less than 1 year old)

As u all know, i'm already in sem7. the first posting in my sem7 is paediatrics or kanak2 la in Malay. already 2 days in the ward but seriously i'm blur (well, my kazens always call me budak blur).

1. blur to take history cos this posting is very different from other posting, in a way that the history is not taken from the first party (the patient) but from the caregiver. nak tnya psl anak kena tnya the parents. i can always ask the mother but father? ahah.. manyak susah maa.. pastu lak, so many components to b asked in addition to already many components/systems.. haih..

2. clinical examination: fuiyoh.. manyak susah.. nak2 dpt kids yg hyperactive or super-takut-org. huh.. ligatnye.. or, apsal nanges je.. huhu~ kite pon rs nk nanges gak :( (sbb kesian or sbb geram? haha)

okla.. mebi it's still too early to comment anything. just go with the flow la.. papepon, kids mmg best! hehe... td adik Iz siap babai kat I from his bed when I wanted to go back. well, he kind of shouted, I think the whole ward can hear his voice "babai akak".. three times ok. at three different distances; near, far, furthest. ahaqs! cute! tp agak malu la :)

okla.. got to study now. chaiyuk! (come on gimme moral support, soo malas la)

Alisha yg dah ligat berjalan (age around 2 years kot now)

kids say the darnest things1:

while I was playing with her 18 months old baby girl, the mother asked: "awak dah kawen ke?" *gasp* do i look like one? or i just hv so called natural 'motherly' quality? ahaqs!!!


Sunday, March 02, 2008

it's over

ergh.. it's over! the hols is over! x best nyeh! esok da stat skola! tidak!!! i'm not ready yet, just not ready mentally i guess. all the prep for new semester, or shall i say new YEAR cos we r officially in fourth year=sem7, r ready. i've already bought paeds illustrated book, new labcoat, new tendon hammer, n new baju kurung.. just too excited to get new rate of scholarship, ahaqs! but never mind, they r all needs, not wants, rite? rite?

hm.. yesterday I came back from penang by bus n stopped at pudu station. it has been bout 6 months since I last been there. lama kan.. we were supposed to reach there at 4pm but somehow we reached there at 5pm. n it was raining heavily at that time. usually we'll walk from in front of the swissgarden hotel to the bus station but since it was raining, we'll have to wait for the bus's turn into the station. lama gakla tunggu. n ujan yg sgt sekejap tu telah menyebabkan banjir kilat ok. mmg seswai la namanye, banjir kilat. well, KL..

some view along the journey to Bworth bus station. meriah with flags :)

hujan. view dari dalam bas

then, dah smpi pudu, i'm going to putrajaya. so, i hv to take star n change to erl. whaa.. the star lrt station was packed! the ticket line was soooo panjang, luckily i have touchNgo card, so dun have to q up long. ok, i thot that's all. then when i went up to wait for lrt, ramainya makhluk waiting outside, with ampang lrt on the rail. rupenye the train was stuck due to technical problem (i think it's bcos of the heavy rain). again, i hv to wait. summore, Achik's waiting for me at his house. penantian itu satu penyeksaan ok. n ppl yg knal sy wl know that i dun like waiting for ppl, or ppl waiting for me. y cant we just be punctual. ape susah.. tp yg ni xleh nak wat ape la kan. seb baik the problem was solved quite fast. so, from there i took the lrt n erl, n reached ptrjy at 7pm.

there ramai org stranded at plaza rakyat station

dah smpi ptjy, everyone's was waiting for me; Achik, Opah, A.zura.. sbb nak g psr mlm. ok, I followed them to the night market, it's at SS1 bndr baru bangi. beli2 brg, blk ptjy blk. A.senah's family dah smpi umah Achik by that time. we had our dinner n U.Besar plak dtg. oh ye, rmmbr my uncle yg just had angioplasty last few days? it's him, U.Besar. Alhamdulillah.. he looks fine to me. mebi a bit lethargic but still ok la. hopefully he'll recover n resume his work fast.
while having the dinner, jannah asked me to go out on sunday, today la. that means, i have to go back to A.senah's house (by my car) n drive to wuteva place we want to go out b4 going back to srmbn. OK. this is a BIG project, drive to her house at Jln Segambut from ptrjy, at nite. Alhamdulillah, selamat gak smpi sana :) then this morning, jannah n me went to Midval la, I DROVE there! sebbaik x byk keta n senang cari jalan :) so, here i am, back in srmbn after driving from ptrjy-jln segambut-bangsar-midval-srmbn. long journey huh? new record tuh.. tp penat sey.. n x best lagi, esok class starts!!!! n the new SRC members r in charge of C108 orientation. more works! *sigh*

*btw, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beloved younger brother, who turns to 19 today! to Banchik, hv a splendid birthday, a year full of happiness n joy :) (tp jgnla enjoy habis2an sgt ye, hehe. study smart kay?)

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