Saturday, February 28, 2009


"jika Allah menimpakan sesuatu kemudharatan kpd kamu, maka tidak ada yg dpt menghilangkannya kecuali Dia. dan jika Allah mengkehendaki kebaikan bg kamu, maka tak ada yg dpt menolak kurniaNya. Dia memberikan kebaikan itu kepada siapa yg dikehendakiNya di antara hamba2Nya dan Dialah yg Maha Pengampun lg Maha Penyayang"
Yunus 10:107

me, adam n arif

currently i'm having bad cough. dry cough, with greenish sputum only when i woke up this morning (penangan asap BBQ smlm).. since batuk teruk sgt for almost 1 week, my abs muscle pun dah sakit.. anak tekak pon terasa nk tercabut je.. strepsils x membantu langsung! (ade org tu kate strepsils tu placebo je, ahaqs!) nabia gave me Difflam lozenges, n i bought Dequadin lozenges. hopefully the cough wl subside soon. (tetibe terpikir, kalo overdose the lozenges ape jadi ek?) ya Allah.. sembuhkanlah daku sblm masuk medical ward nx week..

another bad news is arif, my 14 y/o cousin was admitted last nite because of dengue fever. kesiannya.. arif my dear, b tough ok! syafakillah... insyaAllah, i'll c u soon. i doakan u cepat sembuh..

Allahumma 'a fini fi badani, Allahumma 'a fini fi sam'i, Allahumma 'a fini fi basari..

~ sakit tu satu ujian. tanda Allah sayangkan kita. InsyaAllah...


Friday, February 27, 2009


*bhgn atas entry ni dedicated utk k.baiti. oops, Dr. baiti*

cinta itu ibarat rama-rama. semakin kita hampiri utk menangkapnya semakin ia terbang jauh menjauhi kita. biarkan rama-rama itu terbang, siapa tahu, bila ia sudah penat lelah atau ribut melanda, ia datang menghampiri kita dan hinggap utk mendapatkan perlindungan...

wanita dan rama-rama..
sama-sama cantik. sama-sama menarik.
bermulanya rama-rama dgn hodoh.
terpaksa berjuang utk memulakan hidup.
susahnya utk menjadi rama-rama.
apabila hodoh, dikutuk dikeji.
apabila cantik, dipuja diminati.
tapi syg, sekali dipegang, turunlah nilainya.
lantas wanita juga begitu.
harga diri ini begitu mahal.
usah mudah lupa diri.
tinggikan lah harga diri.
semakin mahal, semakin tinggi nilai di sisi lelaki.
semakin mahal, semakin akan lebih dihormati.
wahai wanita.
jadilah rama-rama yg terbang tinggi.
yg mengindahkan alam ini.

nilai wanita bukan terletak pada berapa ramai lelaki yg ingin memiliki anda tapi berapa ramai yg benar2 sanggup menyintai anda...

this is a modified form of article from ILuvIslam. nk baca lebih lanjut, g sini. the above picture was taken at Penang Butterfly Farm. the butterflies r lovely rite. i jus love butterfly. my trademark pon butterfly theme. the body is actually letter F (tho ade org komen it looks like a pound symbol, huhu). cant remember how i start doing that TM but now almost all my books or anything i do, i wl write it. macam 'frh wuz here' la.. hehe... ni dia *copyright reserved. no ciplak2*:1 more, sumetimes i use nickname 'farasya'.. utk pengetahuan semua, it is not a combination of my name with other ppl ok (fiq, note down). it simply means butterfly, in arabic. simple. kalo ada pape pon, it is just a coincidence ok.. ahaqs!!

well, actually, i just finished my sem8 today. relieved? yeah. sgt2! tho exam pagi tadi xde la senang, tapi kita dah mencuba sedaya upaya. results? tunggula minggu depan. xnak la risau. mggu ni nak relaxkan fikiran, blk kl jumpa sedara-mara. rindunyeh!!

~aku mahu jadi 'rama-rama' yg tinggi nilainya itu...

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

exam lagi

Ya Allah, aku berlindung padaMu dari rasa sedih dan gelisah, dan aku berlindung padaMu dari sikap pengecut dan bakhil, dan aku berlindung padaMu dari cengkaman hutang dan penindasan orang..

huhu... mix feeling..

esok exam lagi. tadi clinical exam was quite bad. i cant recognize aortic stenosis murmur.. urgh!! mistaken it for MR.. what a big mistake!!

esok ada SAQ for ortho, psy and familimed postings.. lagi la cuaks!! doakan utk saya please..

esok juga menandakan hari terakhir sebagai sem8 student.. seronok? takut? hmm...

pagi tadi pula sem10 dapat result professional exam drg. Alhamdulillah, sume passed. 100%. we r happy for them. selamat menjadi Dr yg bagus ye akak2 dan abg2.. berkhidmat utk negara dan agama =)

isnin depan terus masuk sem9. i'll start with internal medicine posting. huhu.. takutnyeh! *layak ke sy jd final year med student?* huhu...

Ya Allah.. berilah kekuatan kepada hambaMu ini...

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


says who money can't buy u happiness?

pikir2 la sendiri...

when i was in the GP clinic, an Indo patient came in with complaints of gastric and back pain. he is a construction worker here. when asked why he din eat properly, he said; 'x cukup makan. gaji hari2 rm35 perDAY. itu pun bukan hari2 boleh kerja dan dapat duit. x cukup duit la'.

then, what came across my mind was; locum Dr is paid rm35 (on average) perHOUR. it's ironic, isn't it?

that's life..

but to think about it, a Dr has to study for more than 5 years to get the title. mind u, it's not an easy path. furthermore, the workload in the government hospital is massive!!! *please dun compare this to private Dr ok.. there are major differences* especially the housemans-'the lowest living form in the hospital'. owh.. how i wonder my HO life would be! today i dreamt of my HO rotation which starts with paeds. hoho~ x sabar2!

Dr working with government, the paid is not as high as u imagine. tolong la jgn cakap Dr itu kaya ok.. it's a myth! ahaqs!

owh.. nak promote, this saturday 21feb let's go to coll for sports' day!! let's cheer ramai2! (budget ingt cheer songs lagi la, hehe) c ya there insyaAllah...

~ happy! duit scholar da masuk!! big grin =)

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

non-human accident

"the aim of a joke is not to degrade human being,
but to remind him that he is already degraded"
~ George Bernard Shaw (1925 Nobel Prize in literature)

last weekend me n iffah went to ortho ward to accompany kak baiti 'yoko-yoko' practising her clinical skill. hoho.. guess what we found in the census (buku rekod pesakit di dalam wad)? but wait.. err.. i think the joke only org2 medical je kot faham.. or tak jugak.. hm.. if ur english is good, may be u can pick it up too =)

Dx 1: alleged hit by cow with compound fracture of ......

Dx 2: alleged hit by cupboard with open fracture of .....

hoho.. perlu ke the 'alleged hit by cow' or worst still, 'alleged hit by cupboard' diletakkan dalam Diagnosis? haih..
lembu langgar manusia ke manusia yg langgar lembu? almari pon boleh langgar manusia? aiyayayaya... scary!

let's look at the meaning of 'alleged' from the Oxford dictionary
it means: to state something as a fact but without giving proof.
Ding!!.. mmg x boleh percaye pon.. sbb boleh ke lembu or almari yg langgar manusia? ahaqs!

~ just got a call from FarahJe asking about retinal detachment. her abg saudara, a Doctor got it. operation to correct it was done. let's pray the best for him.. we can't afford to lose another Muslim doctor..


Monday, February 09, 2009

exam fever

"May good luck be your friend in whatever u do and may trouble be always a stranger to u"
-Irish quote

February (n July) month(s) is/are notorius for exam fever!! for those who r having BIG exams; the sem10, sem9 & sem7 students, or anyone i may know,

may all the good lucks in the world be yours!

have faith! =)

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Friday, February 06, 2009

laugh n laughter

people say, laughter is the best medicine. true. it can change a people's mood to a better side. it's like put some spices in our life, xde la makan garam je hari-hari. alhamdulillah, we in Malaysia still can laugh everyday but our brothers and sisters in Palestine just can't (literally speaking la). do still pray for them, will you?
anyway, here, i just wanna share a few memorable jokes i heard in this past few days. direct joke or just being sarcastic. ahaha...

tues (in clinic)
NI: Dr, i can't locate his apex beat (while palpating PK's chest)
KB: maybe he already gave his heart to other people

wed (during therapeutic class)
Dr. L: u should know some general knowledge also, don't only read medical book. but even so, ur medical knowledge.... (grin)

thu (after solat hajat)
N: F, thank u la, aku xkan lupa malam ni bebile, sbb perut ko buat konsert masa solat hajat

fri (during psychiatry plenary)
Dr. S: what role do we play in life?
F: the role of a human being
Dr. S: i'm glad to hear that
(the answer should be like: adult/ student/ daughter etc roles)

hmm.. i think, all IMU students will rmmbr this quote from one of our lecturers
"don't laugh AT ur friends, but laugh WITH ur friend"
it does make sense, isn't it? *wink*

oh ya.. i think, from my observation, generally, surgeons are very sarcastic. (waahhaa.. sakitnya hati tp ape yg dikatakan sgt la betul..) n ada org ckp, i'm sarcastic also. and i have the surgeon look. is my sarcasm got to do with my future of being a surgeon? in the 1st place, do i wanna b a surgeon? oh noooo!!

~ trying to not become too sarcastic

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

lucky no 11

join and pain we share
laughters and tears we care
our friends we love
all the suffering thick and thin
we'll fight
and we'll fight till the end

1T 98

2T 99

3T 00

4K 01, 5K 02

fightersz dearestest,

thanks for all the memories
of the sweet and bitter
journey to become a better me.

thanks for the friendship
through the sea
of uncertainty and unpredictability
that i will treasure
forever in my life.

thanks for the support
which every girls need
during the thoughest time of puberty
during the transition of being a lady
during the process of maturity.

though we do not see each other very often
i know
in your heart
in my heart
there is always room
for each and every one of us.

and i know
thank you is not enough
to say how much i appreciate our friendship
no word can ever describe it
i do really

above all
i just love u girls!!!

Happy 11th anniversary!

Friendship Like Ours Will Eternally Remains

XOXO: F d seremban

~ here i put class pictures only, took from facebook. thanx to those who uploaded the pics. all my pics are at home in Png la. huhu~ btw, sape terer teka la which 1 is me in each pic.. hehe =)

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Sunday, February 01, 2009

bidadari dunia

whaha.. tetibe terasa nk tulis pasal bidadari dunia lak kali ni. sbbnye another fighter baru je di akad nikah minggu ni. congrats hood!! selamat melayari bahtera rumahtangga =)

actually, sy baca psl bidadari dunia ni dari risalah jabatan mufti kerajaan negeri9. sape bidadari dunia ni? dianya ialah wanita solehah. dan bagi seorang wanita solehah, bidadari bagi suaminya adalah di kalangan bidadari-bidadari kurniaan Allah. Isteri solehah pula merupakan ketua kepada segala bidadari tersebut. masyaAllah.. indah bukan?

sabda Rasulullah yg bermaksud:

" tiada sesuatu yg bernilai bg seseorang mukmin selepas taqwa kpd Allah melainkan isteri yg solehah. jika suaminya menyuruh sesuatu dia akan taati, jika suami melihat kepadanya dia akan gembira, apabila diberi giliran dia akan menerima dgn senang hati dan jika suami tiada di rumah dia akan menjaga harta suaminya dan memelihara kehormatan dirinya."
(hadith riwayat Ibnu Majah)

hmm.. sy xnak cite panjang lebar psl isteri solehah ni. rasanya semua dah tau ape ciri2 dia kan. yg sy nk cite is a few months ago, my auntie tetibe tnya psl my umur. gurls talk la kire kan. so i told her, i'm 23. she terdiam sambil berfikir. "hm.. u add another 2 years, usu kahwin at that age la".. ok.. i can sense sumting fishy here.. then, on my mom's birthday, she asked me about marriage. dush!! heh.. i used so many reasons not to talk bout it, really. entahla.. it's a mix feeling. xtau nak describe cmne.. again, during my holiday last week at home, my younger brother asked me "bila hang nak kawen?" ouch! bile a younger sibling ask u that sort of question, a boy lak tu, can u feel the pressure? (please, please say yes)..

ok, i agree that 24 years old is good enough to think about about marriage and all. or even getting married. it is worst when u r the eldest in the family. all ur cousins got married before they were at ur current age. n u r the eldest granddaughter in one side of the family. ergh.. but hey, gimme some space to breathe.. not that i never think about it, banyak kali ok (ops, kantoi, ahaqs).. but when the time comes, i will let u know. it will, insyaAllah, happen.. just that i dunno when. n my beloved frens dear, dun pressure2 ok.. haha.. i am not mad, just, yeah, gimme a break.. i will let u know when the time comes. i promise, dun worry la. banyak sungguh spekulasi kalian.. tapi sorry la, x mengena lagi, hihi..

ok.. ni ada sajak from that risalah jugak. a very nice one. hope that i can b the bidadari dunia jugak satu hari nnt. doakan ye ;)

mampukah aku menjadi spt Siti Khadijah?
agung cintanya pada Allah dan Rasulullah
hartanya diperjuangkan ke jalan fisabilillah
penawar hati kekasih Allah
susah dan senang rela bersama

dapatkah ku didik jiwa spt Siti Aishah?
isteri Rasulullah yg bijak
pendorong kesusahan dan penderitaan
tiada sukar utk dilaksanakan

mengalir air mataku
melihat pengorbanan puteri solehah Siti Fatimah
akur dalam setiap perintah
taat dgn abuyanya, yg sentiasa berjuang
tiada memiliki harta dunia
layaklah dia sbg wanita penghulu syurga

ketika aku marah
inginku intip serpihan sabr
dari catatan hidup Siti Sarah

tabah jiwaku
setabah umi Nabi Ismail
mengendong bayinya yg masih merah
mencari air penghilang dahaga
di terik padang pasir merak
ditinggalkan suami akur tanpa bantah
pengharapnnya hanya pada Allah
itulah wanita Siti Hajar

mampukah aku menjadi wanita solehah?
mati dalam keunggulan iman
bersinar indah, harum tersebar
bagai wanginya pusara Masyitah

~ owh kwn2, sy x marah ok. sesekali sakat menyakat tu biasa la kan. sy terima je. jgn lak lepas ni xde nk sakat sy lg dah. ahaqs.. pape, sy mmg sayang korg! muah!

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