Thursday, September 07, 2006

everything hurts!!

i'm back!! after almost 2 months silence, now i'm ready to write again. the long holiday made me soo lazy to write, plus my pc at home not working very well. just imagine, baru syok2 nak ym, tetibe the pc hang. adui (gaya my beloved tutor), sakitnye hati.. but nvr mind, the pc is quite old..who wants to sponsor a new pc for me? heh.. no1, i know..

nway, during hols, i was quite bz, xcpt when i was in my hometown, tasek gelugor.. for the first 2 weeks, i entertained my usu n family. they jus came back frm london for summer hols. i feel like they jus went for london a few months. how time flies.. they r jus the same, xcpt their body weight kot. every1 seems like losing their weight esp amir badri. hehe..all of them had a very bad diarrhoea in the first few days. maybe bcoz of kedai mamak nxt door yg not so hygenic or jus bcoz of food regime changed.. dunno la.. but kesian la.. lost fluid kan. stil rmmbr all the drugs to treat diarrhoea? hehe..

then, 9/8 we sent abg to klia.. the night b4, we stayed at pan pac hotel at klia.. whaha..mahal gile! 1 night there i can pay for 1 mnth house rental! xpe, sekali sekala rite.. bile lg nk g klia.. i ruined my oppurtunity to study in oz.. can't regret la when thinking bout it..n this aftrnoon, reika (a friend in imu, aka my volley capt) asked me why i didn't apply for pms since i'm under scholarship? whaha, simple answer from me, i'm patah eleboration. period.

13/8, me n shkn went to azi's house. act, quite reluctant to do the elective within this week cos of my cousins+usu's birthday..but then, if we do it earlier, can finish it earlier. n my big family had a bacaan yasin n doa slmt a night before so i dun mind la.. aftr 1 nite at azi's house, we went to kuala tganu, shkn's friend's house. stayed there for a few days, did batik n all, it was a great hols! i was very satisfied wif my handmade batik knowing that i'm not a good artist! hehe..

then went back to png again aftr seeing usu for the last time. when i was in png, achik n's family visited us. though not for a long time, i was really glad since they nvr come here for quite long. asyik me je yg slalu g umah drg kan..nasibla.. our family je yg dok jauh nun di utara tanah air. the others sume stay in kl. nak buat cmne. i'm proud to be a penangite!! ;p in the nx post i'll story more detail bout my beloved tasek gelugor ok.

now, i'm back in kl..been practising volleyball for 2 days, 2 hours perday.. my hands, body, legs, everything la r aching!! adui.. sakit..esp the radius part. i think they're swollen rite now. luckily tomorrow there wl b no pract. chaiyuk farah! chaiyuk sem4! (sem 4? whaha..)

ok, that's all for now. wanna eat n watch tv. later i've to continue my report (sigh..i hate writing report).. tata!