Saturday, July 15, 2006

life after exam

heyya.. quite a long time x bukak this blog.. ye la.. bz wif exam..n after exam ada aje mende nk buat.. so, i'll start wif the exam first.. hm, for meself, i think the exam was quite tough.. considering that i didn't really study hard. the SAQ was tough, OSPE i can't recognise the pics, OSCE was screwed up abes excpt d las day.. huhu~ sedey la.. n sem1 already got their result..not that promising i'll pass wif flying colours.. now i only hope i'll pass.. x kesah wut grade as long as i pass.. ya Allahm tolonglah hambaMu ini...

ptg rabu we went to midval for lunch. i accidentally langgar bangku n now my betis dah lebam.. ecchymosis ke? wuteva it is called. khamis tu plak we (me, azi, yuni n oja) went to rumah apetah i forgot the name, a home for hiv+ve kids. ada kisah sedih at the end of the visit.. hm.. i was guilty..

sunday, usu n her family r back. bestnye! nx time i smbg crite.. ;p

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

another 4 days to exam

morning! i woke up early this morning to watch csu video but end up wif surfing the net!! huhu~ the 1st msg in d morning is frm maxis free WC, germany lost to italy 0-2.. what a loser! alaa.. i want france n germany play in d final.. so hopefully france wl win tonite. vive la France! dahla england was out earlier.. n owen injured.. dah xde seri world cup lg dah..but then zizuo still ada (= hmmpphhh....

when i checked emels, ada gath pics that day.. uh~ i really miss d good old days.. fightersz, u gals r my frens forever! can't find ppl like you anywhere else in d world! hmm, dun regret i didn't go 2 d gath coz i had a more important things to do.. yeah, EXAM!! las satrdy we had a mock ospe.. not bad farah.. but still u hav to improve ur physio.. n now, only 4 days left. wut else i didn't cover eh? csu!! oh ya.. aftr this we (+azi) r going to csu.. dah lama x pract PE.. nk tggu ijat or iwe, huh hampeh... di mana kamu berdua yg brjanji mahu menolong sy?

okla.. i MUST watch csu video la.. come farah! aja aja fighting! fight till d end! exam dh dkt.. doakan sy..
oh lupe plak, duis dpt uni of indon. oja said that is d best uni in indon.. if he's good enuf, he can go to oz in final i jeles? no!! I AM PROUD TO STUDY IN IMU! hehe...serious!