Sunday, March 18, 2007

mentally tired

it has been a month since last i wrote here.. i wanted to write but time constrain din allow me to. yeah, since i started the MSK system, a.k.a sem5, my life is quite hectic. luckily the IMU Ball foodfair is over. (who wants to go to the ball wif me?hehe) there r some lect notes that i haven't touch yet..huhu~ so many things to cover n remember.. the anatomy!! help me! huhu~

many things happened in these 3 weeks of MSK.. wif family matters, (i was n stil so sad bout this), imu matters.. i felt so tired mentally.. n physically also.. i tend to sleep earlier n wake up later than i used to.. hmm... him nae ja, farah!! (which means, kuatkan semangat, in korean lang)

hm, las wednesday i went to kajang, surayya hani's place.. alhamdulillah she got straight As.. when she sms me telling me she got all As, it reminded me of my time when i collect the spm results. heh, it was funny that my father knew my results earlier than me. he even called me to tell me the result, but he didn't want to spoil the mood, so he asked me to ask from my class teacher, pn. wan suryani.. hmm.. it's still fresh in my mind. 1 of the moments that i can't forget in my whole life.. hehe... nway, congrats sue!!
ironic to that, my own younger brother din get good results. takpe banchik, i know ur strength. even if mak marah sgt pn, she still luv u. dun worry too much, rezeki ada dimana2.. kuatkan semangat!! chaiyuk!

okeh sume, fighting!!