Saturday, March 28, 2009

march update

memory is the gift from God which death cannot destroy

alhamdulillah.. i have finished my internal medicine rotation yesterday. clinical exam was on monday, n written exam was on friday. they were OK la, i think i will pass both. aminn.. heh, confident je ek..

ok, summary of what i have done in these 4 weeks.

-Kg. Tekir KAP
hmm~ this time it wasn't me who organize it. huhu~.. will this be my last kampung angkat project in Tekir? i'm sure i will miss the students; those were always come to the Kampung- 'the veteran'. thanx for all ur participations yah!

the seniors

kanak2 di tepi ladang getah

misi mencari 'khazanah' bersama Dr SR

- naneen's birthday
happy belated birthday naneen! i'm sure u enjoyed the dinner that night. may all ur dreams come true =)

eh, tu je ke.. ok la, most of the nights/weekends i spent either at home or the ward. after the exam yesterday, we planned to play bowling at JJ but unfortunately all the lanes were fully used up. so, we ended up by lepak-ing at the popular and MPH. what la we doing in the bookshops after exam? hehe.. no, we r not geek. we just need non-medical books to read. it's a need. x larat+nak termuntah dah baca kumar&clark for these 4weeks ok. (uh, i exaggerated la sket). yeay, i bought myself a book! with 25% discount since it's Women's month! suke2!

really looking forward for tonight and tomorrow. i'm going to meet my beloved fightersz and usu's famili! better spend my weekend wisely before i start my gynae posting nx monday! =)

~ dah abes 1 rotation. cepatnya masa berlalu.. takutnyeh!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


pagi2 buta td ayah called. ayah cakap banchik ngadu yg dia sgt stressed dgn course dia. banchik amek landscape architure (LA) di UiTM perak. banchik ada byk sgt assignment, sampai dia dan kawan2 dia dah x tido for 2-3 hari. teruk sgt. ramai sgt batchmate dia gave up the course. tp banchik xnak give up. dia suke sgt LA, and i admit that he's really good at it. dalam family, cuma banchik je yg terer lukis. dia sorg je yg suke art stream. yg lain tu tidak. ayah cakap masa call semalam banchik sampai nanges2. sgt susah utk tgk banchik nanges sbb dia seorg yg sgt keras and macam xde perasaan sgt (ops). so, ayah called akak suruh akak call banchik n bagi moral support. well, i guess it's one of a sister's obligation, rite? x senang nak jadi anak sulung ni..

to banchik,
dun give up. akak tau hang boleh buat. life is not easy. always remember that we will always be by ur side.
luv u lots!

ni yg buat org rasa nk balik tasek ni.. rindu sama famili.. huhu~

~ hujan di luar... suke sgt nasyid opick tajuk rindu. "hujan, kau ingatkan aku, pada satu rindu..."


Friday, March 20, 2009

first does not always mean good

F: this road is crazy (referring to bkt putus)
Prof R: y? u have motion sickness?
F: yes prof
Prof R: OMG. we took wrong passenger (to Mr. T)

this morning we went to Hosp Kuala Pilah for chest clinic there. i just hate the road to KP. bukit putus memutuskan urat saraf. ergh.. with vestibules like mine, u wl just hate any journey which involve jalan bengkang bengkok mengalahkan ular sawa. once i set my feet on the ground after the journey, my world will spin. luckily i din not vomit. i just hate the journey. the clinic was cool. we got to see a variety of cases there. it was a good thing bcause we only have chest clinic in HKP once in 6 months. yeah, we were the lucky ones.

back from KP, again my world spinned but not so much. i would hv enjoyed the journey if my vestibules are smart. (some ppl said that motion sickness is due to the 'not so smart' vestibules. they r just confused between kinetic and static motion). hmm... rupenye di KP ada sawah bendang.. n i saw a lot of signboard with 'tapak megalitic' or megalithic site. apekebendenye tu?

hmm.. today i learnt that there is always a first time for everything even how strong i tried to avoid it. sometimes the first time is not a good one. as a human being, we dun like a bad thing to happen but it just happened. we have to accept it and think of it the positive way. without the first time, we will never have the experience. there is always a reason why things happened. i thanked Allah for that. but when i think again, it scares me. is it a sign of a bad thing to come? nauzubillah.. i cant help to think about it. ya Allah... give me the strength to overcome this naughty thought. give me the strength to keep on going with life. i am just scared. i am just stressed. or am i just thinking too much?

~ ya Allah, berilah ketenangan pada diri ini.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

another course

man only likes to count his troubles, but he doesn't count his joys

T. amoxycillin 500mg tds

am having right sided chest pain due to excessive cough. sakitnye.. last 2 weeks i went to KKS and recieved a course of erythromycin antibiotic. today i went again and the Dr prescribed me amoxycillin. she even ordered me to have throat swab for C&S since my throat still inflammed. prolonged cough for almost 1 month. no sputum. what's in ur mind? hehe..

hmm.. medical posting is almost finishing. nx week we r having long case and written examinations. do pray for us. i hope this will be our last semester in Seremban. 1 more semester in Seremban and another in Batu Pahat. then we'll be an HO. insyaAllah.. doakan ye :)

~ sakit itu trouble. sihat itu joy. sihat lagi byk dari sakit. tp knape nk berkira sgt dgn sakit tu? sabar ye.. lepas sakit, sihat la balik :)

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

this little girl

i was browsing my pictures last nite. then i saw this little girl's picture. wow! she's turning 4 today!! how time flies very fast!

this little girl calls me mak long farah tho i always kinda 'remind' her to call me kak farah. hihi.. x sedar diri eh.. well, she is my cousin's daughter, so technically my anak sedara jugak rite. it's just that i still feel young, since i am not married yet. betul x? hihi..

this little girl always accompany me when i went to kampung to cabut rumput. she did nothing but talk. haha.. so cute. she has the pelat, talks very fast at high pitch. mmg comel..

mind u, this little girl is very garang. dun make her mad la. especially when u say u want to take away her younger sister. if not u will kena belasah. she will use anything to hit u. no matter who u are. but i like to tease her just to make her angry. even cuter. ahaqs!

ok, little girl amirah.. have a splendid birthday!!!

amirah from day9 of life - few months - 2yo - 3 yo

salam sayang,
kak @ mak long frh


~rindu tasek gelugor

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Sunday, March 08, 2009

brownies (recipe by kennok)

Look at the world as one big choc cake. It would never be complete without few sweets & nuts. Sweets like me, & nuts like you!!

*this is a story of my 1st ever attempt at baking. not bad, huh!

since kennok put her choc cake with icing in her blog, it reminds me of her yummylicious brownies (kenn, org tgh promote ni, ahaqs!) she gave me her secret (not a secret anymore) recipe when i went to milo's place sumwhere last January.. so, when i went back to Png for chinese new year, i tried the recipe with the help of little chef; Najwa.

hanya yg x kemek shj boleh jadi model di sini, haha

err.. kenn, x jadi sgt la.. the reason was because i was too excited to see the result. i terbalikkan the brownies while it was still hot. muahaha.. maka kemeklah ia... but it still tastes good la. takpe2, practice makes perfect. maybe next time i can do it but with more patience..

p/s: milo, bila giliran anda? =)

the recipe-

tulisan Dr-to-be Kennok.. stil the same tulisan college.. wonder how it will look like when she's a Dr.. wl it still b the same? hehe..

~ suke main masak2


Friday, March 06, 2009

the key to success is...

know MORE than others, work MORE than others, expect LESS than others..

what a hectic semester!! i am too exhausted. partly because of the coughing. it has been almost 2 weeks and i am still coughing. enough of 3 days in the ward with mask. even pakcik at Protec also advised me to see a Dr.. ahah.. if only he knew who am i.. hihi... dun worry, i took a course of antibiotic already. i think the cough is lesser today. hopefully by nx week i am alright..

hm.. vimi gave us the above quotation during our lunch today. she said it's da vinci's quote but i can't find it. wuteva la.. it's worth to think about.. i always expect more from others. in the end, i am the one who is always upset. enuf of it. no more high expectation for other ppl. it's tiring kan.. hmm..

~ yeay, a 3-day off from school!