Friday, May 12, 2006

Ho Ho Holiday!

hmm.. hepi wesak day! hepi mothers' day! hepi youth day! (12, 14, 15 May)...
3 days of holiday.. boring! study also boring! planned to play bowling wif fiqah but her parents r coming.. the plan is cancelled.. nak kuar ngan sape? everyone in ipta is back in their hometown.. (1 disadvantage of studying in ipts -> our hols r not the same as ipta) *sigh*
tomorrow i wanna go out.. but dunno to where.. midval? boring! but hav to pay the internet bill.. jln TAR? no money to spend... klcc? wut for? pyramid? jauhla... but i wanna go out!!! let azi decide la.. oh yaa.. i'm tired on being the 'decider' in our house.. y ppl can't decide for themselves? y?

mothers' day is coming.. didn't buy anything for mom.. well..everyday is mothers's day.. everyday I LUV U MOM!! to puan Noormala Sulaiman -> Selamat Hari Ibu! no one can replace u.. sayang mak!!