Saturday, August 22, 2009

BP, here i come!

hamdan wa syukran ala ya Rabbi...

the EOS9 is over, n i passed!
thank u Allah!
thank u my friends, for all ur prayers n wishes.
for studying with me through out my medical student years.
can't do this without ur support. sayang korg gell!

note: currently busy packing to move to Batu Pahat. when will we move? hm.. stil dun have the exact date. but surely by 1st Sept, we'll start our final semester of our medical undergraduate there (oh my)...
mood: happy+anxious. happy that only 1 semester left, anxious that we r the final semester student, r we prepared for this? usaha usaha usaha! try to be a good student n a good Muslim doctor in the future.. insyaAllah..

to 1 of my frens who did not make it, i wish u best of luck! pray hard, study hard k. we'll surely miss u in BP. *confession: u made me cry with ur last words...

m going back to Png 1st, most likely on sunday or monday, n wl come back to srmbn to move out. c ya!

n owh, salam ramadhan al-mubarak! selamat berpuasa semua!!

~ had back pain already. sape nk tolong sy angkat brg? dtg cni hari jumaat or sabtu dpn ye. hehe

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Sunday, August 02, 2009

demam peperiksaan

"...sempurnakanlah petunjuk yg lurus bagi kami dalam urusan kami" 18:10

it's August and it's exam month!!
this blog will be on hiatus for a while yah (at least a month I guess)..
do pray for us;
C107 (sem 10)
C207 (sem9)
C208 (sem7)
n last but not least, mr. SAS

pray that all of us will pass our exam n that our hardwork is worthwhile =) insyaAllah..
usaha usaha usaha!
FTTE farah!
and to all my friends out there, happy friendship day!
sayang korang gell!

p/s: milo, nnt2 la i'll update on malam aspirasi seni- bersamamu Palestin. really not in the mood of blogging. paling2 pun i'll upload pics only ye. in super kancheong-ness mode. adeih2!

~ i want to pass, i want to pass, i want to pass.. ameen..

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