Saturday, March 25, 2006

first post

heh..this is my 1st trial to create a blog.. b4 this i was so lazy..but then, y not having my own blog?.. actually i dun really like to share my stories wif other ppl unless it's not that too personal. i dun like sharing (unfortunately..yeah.not a good attitude but can't help it!)
nway, yesterday i had respi system exam. it was not hard at all but only God knows wut my result would be.. really hope i'll pass wif flying colours.. sem3 is a crucial semester n good results r really needed.. ya Allah..tolongla hambaMu ini..
aftr the exam, azi, shkn, fiqah (all r my housemates) n i went to midvalley to watch 'pesona non grata'.. err.. frankly speaking, it was very boring. not my genre i guess...
this morning, MSoc had an orientation.. i didn't stay till evening coz i was very sleepy.. yeah.. i LUV SLEEPING! no doubt!hehe..

F=forsythia A=... R=ramah A=... H=happy!! (can't think what the a's stand for ;p anyone can help?)