Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Quick survey

1. Last time u watched a movie in the cinema?
End of Dec 2007, watched ‘Enchanted’. Second last was ‘Ratatouille’ movie in August. See how long the gap is?

2. Last time u went to Midvalley?
End of Dec 2007

3. Last time u went to KLCC?
Sumwhere in August 2007, with Dura.

4. Last time u really shop?
Seriously can’t remember. Now only go supermarket to buy groceries

5. Last time u went to uncle/auntie’s house in KL?
In November 2007, to Achik’s house in Putrajaya

6. Last Korean series u follow on tv?
X ingat la.. maybe the last was b4 starting clinical school

7. Last English series u follow on tv?
ANTM cycle 6. That’s all. Now trying to follow supernatural season 2 but it seems to become more ridiculous. dunno whether shud follow or not.. hmm..

8. Series that u won’t miss in a week?
SpaQ. Dunia Baru. Hoho.. itupun slalu miss gak sebenarnye.

Forsythia’s verdict: yeah I know.. my life is dull n boring.. i think if someone measure my stress hormone level now, it maybe shoot up. EXAM in nx 2 days!!! So, sape nk belanje sy tgk muvi or main bowling after my exam? For therapeutic purpose la.. Ahaqs! (*_^)V


At 12:37 PM, Blogger fiQah said...

good luck!!!!!!!!!!!
all the best
i knwo you guys can do it

and mucha gracias ari tuh sbb sending us off kat klia

At 2:47 PM, Blogger Syafiq said...

All the best..
Don't forget to enjoy tahap gaban before your sem 7


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