Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Raya mode

Ramadhan tggl 2 hari je lagi.. sayu la plak.. at the same time, excited nak raya though persiapan raya jus ala kadar je. baju raya warna apa pon saya xtau sbb mak yg beli sume. i'm jus too happy this week. there's a lot of reasons to be happy :)

las thursday I went to IMU bj grand iftar. it reminded me of last year's grand iftar. a very good job of previous MSoc committee with great supporters. eventho only azi, yuni n me (from our batch) went to the iftar, it was sangat seronok. i luv all pics taken by syafiq, the previous MSoc cameraman. sangat cantik, like a pro job.

on las saturday, we went to jln TAR for shopping. b4 that,we went to rumah solehah first. it was nice to see all the kids after quite some time never saw them. i think, the last time we went there was after our EOS. lama kan? at around 2pm, we took lrt to masjid jamek . it was raining but it didn't stop us from shopping. well, i am a shopping freak :) azi n I even bought an umbrella from mydin jus to redah hujan, ahaqs! i managed to buy 2 tudungs n a shirt at rm40. sangat puas hati. rasa mcm da lepas gian after 2 weeks stucked in seremban town. so kesian me..

i went back to auntie senah's house after the shopping. opah was there since las 2 months n yet, ijat nvr told me. hampeh tol.. ni yg nak merajuk ngn dia nih. so i didn't tell him i went to his house. hehe.. sangat seronok bcoz finally i can eat homecook food for buka puasa, for 2 consecutive days pulak tuh. yeah..

on monday, someone special came to seremban!! sangat happy! period. :)

tuesday, grand iftar in IMU srmbn. only azi, ali n me from our batch came. thanx to hamba Allah yg menderma utk iftar ni. jasa anda sgt dihargai. between solat, Dr. zain gave a speech about 3 jenis golongan yg dpt hidayah dr Allah, 1- golongan yg mencari sendiri, 2-golongan yg didoa oleh org lain, 3- golongan yg ikut org lain je. short n sweet speech. thanx Dr.! (tetibe teringat psl research, no idea wut to do n when to start, ops!)

today, hectic but i'm happy too. we've finished the cfcs presentation. after buka puasa, we the c207 malay gurls played bunga api. seriously, we played bunga api! da lama x main bunga api tau.

teringat zaman kecik2 dulu, esp kalo raya in Pontian. saat2 yg paling seronok is masa ramai2 dok kt laman, sume uncle muncle (words ni direka oleh ijat n me) n kazens kumpul, n main bunga api n mercun. then uncle man start cerite hantu sambil mkn2. huhu.. i miss those time. now usu da dok london, my mom da malas nk blk johor. this year opah pun decided nk raya in kl wif auntie senah's family. but i dun really mind, coz i stil raya in kampung, but kg Tasek Gelugor la, hehe.. this year duis blk raya. meriah la sket. las year he didn't come back for raya, gmbr family x cukup korum. this year, cukupla. n we plan to do 6M'97 sktg reunion on this coming 4th hari raya. can't wait for it! 10 years nvr saw my classmates except for a few..

i'm going back to penang on friday!! jus another 2 days away!! x sabarnye!! so frens, if u see me in srmbn wif blur2 face, that means my mind is already in penang! ahaqs!! and yeah.. i'm SO HAPPY rite now!


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