Saturday, May 03, 2008

May 1, 08

hmm.. Labour Day 2008 was indeed a memorable day.. in the morning, I went for my 'usual' labour room posting (in spite of the holiday, n the HO asked 'ape awak buat kat sini arini? g balik la', hehehe).. xpe doc, I'll be bugging U for only 2 days, n I'm off :) fine, from the morning up to afternoon nothing remarkable has happened. just that I was starving to death (yeah, exaggerate sket) bcos I missed the lunch time. only had lunch at 2.30 pm.. sgt lapar terketar2 dah masa driving balik umah...

then, azi n me were supposed to have night on-call that day. something happened last week to the other group so we better be there by 5pm. so, cuba kira, from 2.30-5pm, I only had around 2.5 hours to rest before the on-call.. haih.. ponet eden.. we reached labour room, wore apron, did vaginal examination (VE) on 1 patient, waited n waited for a delivery. nothing. then we followed a patient to the OT for manual removal of placenta (MRP)..

while we were in the OT, another patient was admitted to the labour room, she was induced for labour. the indication? hmmmmmmmmm... poor thing.. the baby that she's carrying no longer progress as she should be, a baby with congenital anomaly. and the patient was advised to terminate the pregnancy.. I didnt see the delivery but after coming back from the OT, I got to see the dead baby. astaghfirullah! I was very shocked! my eyes became watery. no words coming out from my mouth. I stood there like a stature. why? its a fetal hydrops. sgt kasihan, to the baby, the mother, the father.. I swear I saw the father's eyes were red when he came to claim the body. this was my very first time to see such a baby. (again, I teringat my adik Faris) huhu~ it haunted me the whole night, even on the nx day. I called my mom just to tell her the story.. huhuhuhuhuh... Al-fatihah to the baby..

tu la dia.. sedikit sbyk cerita on Labour Day.. sad though :(

-hydrops fetalis is a serious fetal condition whereby there is an accumulation of fluid in >2 fetal compartments; so the fetus looks very swollen. usually associated with congenital anomalies (eg cardiac disease), thalassaemia, Rh isoimmunisation.. mostly it is not compatible with life. to those non-medical ppl who wants to know more about it, please search in the internet, I dun want to put any pic of it here...
-placenta= uri
-OT= operation theatre



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